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Fake Teams Is Now on Facebook!

Yes, I crawled out of my cave and finally requested to have a Fake Teams page set up on Facebook. Special thanks to Eric Simon over at Amazin' Avenue, SB Nation's New York Mets site. 

For those of you who love Facebook, and enjoy Fake Teams, you now can have the best of both worlds. You can select the "Like" box on the sidebar on the Fake Teams front page here, or click the "Like" box on the Facebook Fan Page.

I signed up for Facebook a few years ago, and really don't log into it too often, but now you can read all Fake Teams articles and twitter feeds on the Fake Teams Facebook page.

After the jump, you can find out how to share the articles posted here with your Facebook friends:

At the bottom of every post on the front page of the site is a "Like" button, which you can use to share that post with your Facebook friends. This will show up as a "So and so likes..." on your Facebook wall.

16. Tommy Hanson, ATL-I am not sure how I missed Hanson in my previous rankings, but he is worthy of being included in the Top 24 in 2011. He will have an improved lineup providing run support, and an excellent, albeit young, bullpen. Hanson won only 10 games last year, but had an excellent 3.33 ERA and 1.17 WHIP to go along with a K/BB over 3.00. I can see 15 wins in 2011 with a low 3s ERA.



On the interior pages of our site (i.e. off the front page), the same "Like" button can be found at the top right of the article. This is true of featured articles as well as user-contributed FanPosts.

2011 Fantasy Sleepers: Hitting and Pitching Sleepers For 2011 Story-edit

What about FanShots, you say?  Another "Like" button at the bottom of each FanShot, so you can promote others' as well as your own contributions to Fake Teams.

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And you can also promote one of your comments on Fake Teams as well. Just click the checkbox next to the Post button before posting your comment, and your comment will be sent to the Fake Teams page on Facebook.

So, head on over to the Fake Teams fanpage and click the "Like" button if you like our work here at Fake Teams. Thanks.