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Fake Teams BBA Blogzkrieg Experts League Draft Results

Well, the slow auction mixed league BBA Blogzkrieg Experts League draft is close to completion, and here is the Fake Teams roster that Jeremy and I drafted. We spent our budget on several first tier players like Brian McCann, Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Jose Bautista, Jon Lester and Dan Haren, and then filled our roster with some solid value plays in Shane Victorino, Kelly Johnson, Will Venable, Alcides Escobar and Jose Lopez.

C-Brian McCann - $26

C-Ryan Doumit - $1

1B-Miguel Cabrera - $38

2B-Kelly Johnson - $13

3B-David Wright - $36

SS-Stephen Drew - $17

2B/SS-Marco Scutaro - $1

1B/3B- Jose Bautista - $27

OF-Matt Kemp - $33

OF-Carl Crawford - $36

OF-Shane Victorino -$11

OF-Aubrey Huff - $10

The rest of the Fake Teams team after the jump:

OF-Will Venable -$1

UT-Tyler Colvin -$1

SP-Jon Lester -$26

SP-Dan Haren -$19

SP-Brian Matusz -$8

SP-Edwin Jackson -$4

SP-Jonathan Niese -$3

SP-A.J. Burnett -$3

SP-Travis Wood -$4

SP-Mike Minor -$3

RP-Brian Fuentes -$1

BN-Alcides Escobar- $4

BN-Jeff Niemann- $3

BN-Sean Burnett -$1

BN-Johnny Venters -$1

BN-Jose Lopez -$2

BN-Mike Adams -$1

BN-Jorge de la Rosa -$1

We went with the Stars and Scrubs strategy and will need some of our high upside pitchers like JDLR, Wood, Minor and Matusz to step up. I like our cheap staff, but there is some risk in those young arms. As you can see, we don't have any full-time closers, but feel that guys like Adams, Burnett, Fuentes and possibly Venters (ok, I own Kimbrel in a keeper league) could win the closers job in short order.

I think if we don''t win SBs with guys like Crawford, Kemp, Escobar, Venable and Victorino, then something seriously went wrong with a few of these guys. With that said, we could always look to deal from strength to acquire a closer or starting pitcher down the road.

I have to thank Jeremy for taking control of the draft for us, as I had some busy days at work last week. It was fun discussing draft targets with him, hearing his ideas on players. He probably isn't as high on Kemp as I was, and I think once I submitted the winning bid on him, Jeremy felt he had to wrestle control of the draft away from me before we drafted a team full of Dodgers. So thanks again.

So how did we do?