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Matt Kemp, Sergio Romo, And A Few Others To Consider

Matt Kemp disappointed most of his owners in 2010 but that doesn't mean he will do the same in 2011. His .295 BABIP was uncharacteristically low if you consider his past performance including his minor league numbers. His previous career low at any was .330 so it's not unreasonable to think Kemp can have an above average BABIP again. Even with the 28.2 K% he should be able to hit above .270 with a .330 BABIP. One look at his career ISO and HR numbers should show you he's an above average power threat. He nearly stole 35 bases in back to back seasons before seeing his efficiency on the bases drop from 80.9% to 55.9% and his SB opportunities dried up. In steps Davey Lopes, a man notorious for getting efficiency out of his base runners. He won't be as in demand as last year but looks capable of putting up similar results to his 2009 numbers. Only 26 he should be entering his prime any minute now and that 30-30 season we all dreamed of could be on the horizon.

Sergio Romo and a few others after the jump...

With Brian Wilson possibly missing time to start the season Sergio Romo steps in as converter of saves in San Fran. He is a nice piece of insurance for Wilson owners or could act as a $1 flier bet that Wilson misses more than a few games to injury this season. It's more of an in your face move if you want to get under the skin of the Brian Wilson owner in your league but it would be an awfully fun way to rub in a championship victory by picking up a foes closer back-up for $1 and getting the saves he paid $20 for. An unlikely scenario but even without the saves he is going to contribute in the ERA/WHIP departments and add a few Ws and Ks to the mix.

2010 tossed Jose Lopez to the ground like he was a skinny kid punching a fat kid in the face. The beat-down led to him packing his bags for some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' about a little place called Aspen. Ok a bit to the east in Denver but he looks to have first crack at the starting second base job  His contact rate suggests a return of AVG and if there is a place to regain your power stroke it's Denver. His true value won't come until later in the season when he regains second base eligibility.

Edwin Encarnacion is garnering some attention with a hot spring and he could be a nice find in 2011. He has always had a good bat but with a nickname like E5 you can imagine his teams weren't eager to have him man third base for them. It was his bat that kept him in the lineup. Injuries have been a problem for Encarnacion so a move to the DH role increases his odds of playing a full season. Over a full year he is capable of hitting 30 home runs. Each year it seems like at least one Blue Jays hitter breaks out and this year's leading candidates are Encarnacion and Travis Snider.