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2011 Fantasy Sleepers: Hitting and Pitching Sleepers For 2011

Reposting as this is a popular article

Every fantasy owners is searching for those few sleepers who could help their teams go from middle of the pack to in the money, so here is a collection of the Fantasy Sleeper articles posted by the Fake Teams writers over the past few months. 

Click on the links and give us your take on the chosen sleepers.

Matt Laporta

Will Venable

Russell Branyan

Saves Sleepers

Ty Wigginton

Alcides Escobar

Chone Figgins

Jose Lopez

David Murphy

Nate McLouth

Freddie Freeman

Other Hitting Sleepers based on bounce in BABIP

Pitching Sleepers-pitchers with lower FIP/xFIP than ERA

Bottom of the Barrel Outfielders

Saves on the Cheap