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Fantasy Baseball 2011: NL-Only Tout Wars Draft Results

Check out this link  for the NL-Only Tout Wars expert league draft results in real time. The draft begins at 10am this morning and will be broadcast on Sirius/XM 147, and I plan to catch some of it while I run errands tomorrow morning.

The participants in this years NL-Only draft are below, from the Tout Wars site:

The 2011 Tout NL Lineup (# = New League, * = Tout Rookie):

Nate Ravitz, (2010 Champion)

Brian Walton,

Lenny Melnick/Paul Greco,

Mike Gianella,

Peter Kreutzer,

Phil Hertz,

Rob Leibowitz, #

Scott Pianowski,

Tristan Cockcroft,

Scott Wilderman,

Cory Schwartz,

Chris Liss,

Steve Gardner, #