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Down On The Farm: Who's The Next Mike Trout?

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ESPN's Keith Law published his take on who could be the 2011 Mike Trout, that is the prospect not in his Top 25 who could become a Top 10 prospect in 2011.

Before I get to Law's prospects, the same question was asked of Baseball America's Jim Callis on Twitter yesterday:

26-50 range: Matzek. 51-75: Z.Cox. 76-100: A.Vizcaino. 101+: Grandal. @sportstar6ms: This yr's Trout? (non-top 25 who jumps into top 10)

That is Colorado's pitching prospect Tyler Matzek, Cardinals third base prospect Zack Cox, Braves pitching prospect Arodys Vizcaino and Reds catching prospect Yasmani Grandal. All four of these guys are availalble in the UBA NL-only keeper league minor league draft.

Keith Law's take on the 2011 Mike Trout is after the jump:

Here are Keith Law's prospects who could be in his Top 10 in 2011:

Jonathan Singleton, PHI

Carlos Martinez, STL

Trey McNutt, CHC

Gary Sanchez, NYY

Nick Castellanos, DET

Aaron Sanchez, TOR

Here is what he wrote about Carlos Martinez (formerly Carlos Matias):

If I was going purely off stuff, I could have ranked Martinez in the Top 10 or Top 20 at worst, but given the lack of a track record I kept it conservative and held him out of the Top 50. Martinez has four pitches, two already plus in the fastball (up to 98) and curveball, and a good chance for a third plus offering in the changeup.

Like Callis' list above, all three of the NL prospects in Law's list-Singelton, Martinez and McNutt are available in the UBA NL-only league minor league draft next month. I have 6 picks in the 2 round draft, and like a few of the guys on Law's and Callis' lists.