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Fantasy Baseball 2011: AL Tout Wars Draft Results in Real Time

Check out this link for the AL Tout Wars draft results as they happen. I am a little late in posting this, as the draft started at 9am this morning.

The Mixed League Tout Wars draft is later this afternoon at 3pm, and the NL-Only league draft is tomorrow morning at 10am.

Here are the participants in the AL-Only Tout Wars league, from Tout Wars site:

The contenders in Tout Wars AL in 2011 are (# = New League, * = Tout Rookie)

Jason Grey, (2010 Champion)

Larry Schechter, #

Jeff Erickson,

Todd Zola, #

Dean Peterson,

Steve Moyer,

Mike Siano,

Jason Collette,

Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton,

Ron Shandler,

Matt Berry,

Lawr Michaels,