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Fantasy Basketball: Deron Williams could be done for the year

Nets point guard Deron Williams re-injured his wrist on Friday against the Milwaukee Bucks, and could be shut down for the remainder of the season. Williams fell hard on the same wrist that already had a strained tendon, and signaled to come out once he realized he could no longer shoot the ball. He was already struggling with the previous injury, having gone 1-12 from the floor on Thursday, and his fall on Friday may be the thing that puts him on the inactive list. The important language came from Williams himself, who said he'd need "3-4 weeks" to recover and that sitting out "might be the best thing, but we'll see how it goes."

It's not 100% that Williams will miss the rest of the season, at least as long as his comments about it are even the slightest bit optimistic. But it's hard to imagine the Nets having the best point guard in the NBA, who's making $14.9 million this year, play out the final four weeks of a lost season when he could better use the time to heal. From a fantasy perspective, the implications of Williams' injury are massive: obviously, it's an enormous blow to anyone who drafted him; it means that Brook Lopez' scoring numbers could see a noticeable spike, much as Al Jefferson's did when Williams was traded away; it also means that backup point guard Jordan Farmar will likely get promoted to the starting point guard spot. He's no Williams, but Farmar is averaging 15.7 points, 7.6 assists and nearly 2 three-pointers in his seven starts this year, good enough to make him a must-add for anyone in need of a point guard as the fantasy season winds down.