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Down On The Farm: Excerpts from Keith Law Chat

ESPN's Keith Law held a chat on Thursday afternoon, and even with it being St. Patty's Day and the first day of the NCAA tournament, there were plenty of excellent questions. Let's take a look:

Dante (Chicago)

Why does Jaff Decker get top 50 consideration, but not Nick Weglarz? The bats appear very similar, there doesn't look to be much difference defensively, and Weglarz is further along the the minors.

  (1:12 PM)

Don't see the bats as similar, but more importantly, Weglarz has yet to play a full season - last three years he's played 87, 105, and 106 games.

Weglarz has been injury prone, but can hit. As can Decker. Decker needs to have a good season in the pitcher-friendly Texas League to regain his top 50 prospect status.

Dan (Ithaca, NY)

Keith, thanks for the chat and your great work.What do you think of Gary Sanchez? Is he a "level-a-year" kind of guy? Does he stick behind the plate?Thanks

Klaw  (1:16 PM)

Like him quite a bit, far, far better chance to catch than Montero ever had. Wouldn't be shocked to see him move quickly through the low minors.

Could we see Sanchez in High-A this year? His bat could move him quickly.

More after the jump:

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

Should the Rockies be giving Chris Nelson a shot at 2B? Or does EY Jr. or Herrera win out?

Klaw  (1:22 PM)

I'd play Nelson. EY Jr. should be on the bench or in AAA, period. Tracy's infatuation with him was one of the many ways in which he (Tracy) hurt the team last year.

I think Jose Lopez will get the job at 2B in Colorado, but still wonder why Nelson never got a real shot. He has hit well at AAA.

Charles (San Jose)

Can you comment on the Diamondbacks seemingly refusing to ever give Brandon Allen a shot?

Klaw  (1:23 PM)

Well, I'd play him over Branyan, but I don't think Brandon Allen is a player to lose too much sleep over either.

I am not sure what else Allen has to do, as he improved his eye at the plate in AAA last year, and it appears he may be starting the season there this year.

Ryan (Philly)

What is the ETA of Gerrit Cole if he is selected by the Pirates? Mariners?

Klaw  (1:25 PM)

What I saw from him last Friday would play in the big leagues right now. I think he'd be up inside of a year barring injury

I wrote an article over at Minor League Ball today with quotes from Law and a few others prospect experts on Cole.

Jason (Minneapolis)

KLAW . . .Speaking of Belt, what is his ceiling? His stats last year (short track record) were similar to Votto's minor league stats at roughly the same age.

Klaw  (1:33 PM)

I hate to comp a kid to the reigning MVP. I think Belt will hit for average, get on base, and have at least 20-25 homer power. If anything, I may have underranked him in January.

I believe KLaw ranked him around 17 in his Top 100 earlier this year.