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5th Annual Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Team Name Contest

I want to thank everyone for participating in the 5th Annual Fake Teams Fantasy Team Name Contest. There were plenty of solid team names, and it was hard to decide the top 5, but here are the top 5 fantasy team names-please vote for your favorite in the poll:

If Felix her Buchholz it'll Smoak-by soxrule!35

Reyes the Roof-by Phillies 47

Carry on My Heyward Son- by pkc47

JJ Putz it in her mouth-by Full Metal Jackelen

Wuertz. Team. Ever.- by CaptnAmerica

By the way, the two entries by mahoney1213, a Fake Teams writer, were excellent, and would have made the Top 5 if he was not a writer for Fake Teams. Here were his entries:

Byrnes when I Peavy

Lincecum on my face

Voting will end on Friday March 18th at midnight.