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Fantasy Hockey: Monday Rewind

I sincerely apologize for this late edition of the Weekend Edition that we're temperarily calling the Monday Rewind. Here's three players that warrant a spot in your roster to give your team a late season boost (and one player you need to dump to make room).

Erik Karlsson - D - Ottawa

He's really turned it on lately with 8 points (3 goals, 5 assists) in 8 games now has 40 points for the season. Unfortunately, he's also got an atrocious -33 for the season. If you've made it this far into the playoffs and want to swallow your +/- pride, you might as well ride the hot hand and give your team a nice little points boost.

Braden Holtby - G - Capitals

Talk about taking advantage of your opportunity. Due to injuries to Michael Neuvirth's injury, the net was handed to Holtby and he has certainly answered the call. Pick him and ride him as much as you can but be quick to dump him since Neuvirth is healthy again and is ready to play at any given time.

Jamie Benn - W - Stars

He is on a tear with a 7 game point streak going and 6 goals in those 7 games. He's quite young at 21 years old but he's certainly the real deal when it comes to this kind of talent showing up. He's had his playing time ramped up well over 20 minutes per game since his shoulder injury and with James Neal gone to Pittsburgh, don't be surprised if the Stars ride him hard for the rest of the season, as you should too.


Chris Pronger - D - Flyers

CrapcrapcrapcrappityCRAP! Just when things sounded great for him to return and help your team out, the team announced today that they're doing hand surgery on him to repair a small fracture. He will be out for 3-4 weeks which effectively kills any fantasy value this season. Feel free to dump him to FA.