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Draft Day Strategy: Dumping Starting Pitchers

Here is another draft day strategy article for those of you pondering what type of strategy to use on draft day, and this one is not for risk averse, because it is very hard to pull off. The strategy is to dump starting pitchers, in a 5 x 5 league. Not easy to execute, especially when you are dumping not one , but two categories on draft day. You are dumping wins and strikeouts.

I used the strategy 4 years in a row in one of my NL-only leagues, with three 3rd place finishes, and one crown. As fate would have it, the league voted to add a minimum innings limit two years ago, and I have not placed in the money since.

But it says something that the league voted to to change the rules to eliminate this strategy.

Learn what you need to do to execute this strategy after the jump:

So, how does one execute this strategy on draft day? You have to place in the top 3 in each of the 5 hitting categories, win saves, ERA and WHIP, because you will be earning just one point in wins and strikeouts. But, if your league uses K/9, rather than strikeouts, you are really only dumping wins, as the relievers you draft should have a very high K/9.

To place in the top 3 in the 5 hitting categories, fantasy owners must draft hitters in the first 8-10 rounds, drafting power hitters and speed guys who can steal bases and score runs. You must draft the best hitters available paying attention to offset a low BA guy with a .300 hitter, and drafting at least 2, closers, but to win saves, you will need 3 closers.

Targeting at least one of Brian Wilson, Mariano Rivera, or Heath Bell is recommended. Once you have drafted your 3 closers, you can fill out your pitching staff with set-up guys who could get you a few saves, while also providing low ERAs and WHIP. You can draft many of your pitching staff after the 10th round, with the set-up guys drafted in the last 5-6 rounds. This allows you to draft the best available hitters in the 14 of the first 17 rounds to round out your roster.

Is this a strategy you would consider on draft day?