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Down On The Farm: Project Prospect's Top 100 Prospects for 2011

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Adam Foster published his Top 100 Prospects for 2011 today over at Project Prospect. Adam uses a combination of ceiling and floor in his lists. Here is his explanation when asked is his Sunday night chat:

[Comment From Matt] 
First time to Project Prospect, but I follow you on Twitter. Can you give some quick background on your list, and how you do your prospect projections and ranking?
Thanks for dropping by Matt. Gladly.
We try to get out and see as many guys as possible. I go to about 40 games a year. 
When we can't see guys, we consult scouts who have seen them. We tend to value floor a lot higher than other publications. While we put a lot of value into upside, we don't want to miss out on too many average regulars while we try to uncover stars.


And here are his Top 10 prospects for 2011:

Rk   Player   Pos   Age   Org   Lvl Ceiling   Floor   Risk
1   Bryce Harper   RF   18.3   WAS   n/a 9 (A)   4 (C)   High
2   Mike Trout   CF   19.5   LAA   A+ 8 (A-)   5 (B-)   Moderate
3   Jesus Montero   DH/C   21.2   NYY   AAA 8 (A-)   4 (C+/C)   Moderate
4   Dustin Ackley   2B   23.0   SEA   AAA 6 (B)   4 (C+/C)   Low
5   Eric Hosmer   1B   21.2   KC   AA 7 (B+)   4 (C+/C)   Moderate
6   Wil Myers   RF   20.2   KC   A+ 7 (B+)   4 (C+/C)   Moderate
7   Brandon Belt   1B   22.8   SF   AAA 7 (B+)   4 (C+/C)   Moderate
8   Domonic Brown   RF   23.4   PHI   MLB 7 (B+)   3 (C-)   Moderate
9   Shelby Miller   RHP   20.3   STL   A 8 (A-)   4 (C+/C)   Moderate
10   Wilin Rosario   C   22.0   COL   AA 7 (B+)   1 (D)   High

The only surprise for me was his ranking of Rosario, which is alot higher than the other prospect experts. 

Head on over to Project Prospect to check out the rest of his Top 100.