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Top Multi Position Eligible Players

I recently wrote an article about the added value Martin Prado's multi-position eligibility provides. While Prado may be the best option there are a number of players available who could have added value due to position flexibility. You can find an entire list of multi-position players over at Razzball.

Jose Bautista - Finding a player capable of 40 HR is excellent. Finding a player capable of 40 HR who can help you at 3B and OF is like getting a puppy that also knows how to bake muffins. It's pretty freakin' awesome and all your friends will be jealous.

Garrett Jones - OF/1B eligible. His role for 2011 may be in question but the fact he can play multiple positions means he's likely to make his way onto quite a few lineup cards next year. He's a solid bench option that you can plug in when needed

Buster Posey/ Victor Martinez - Last year Posey played 30 games at 1B and Martinez played in 14. Both are nice to have as they could fill in at first if your starter goes down but you probably wouldn't want them as your everyday 1B since most of their value is tied up in being in the top tier of catchers.

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Mike Napoli - Napoli has gone his entire career as a first baseman disguised as a catcher so it was nice to see him finally being who he is. Like Posey and V-Mart he's a better fit at catcher but it's nice to have the option to plug him in a first.

Ty Wigginton - Able to play all 3 bases makes Wigginton's stock rise somewhat. He's not worth starting at 1B but you could get by with him at 2B and 3B. Ray recently did a good post on Wigginton here. Wigginton could be in for a big year in Coors.

Michael Cuddyer - Cuddyer been a surprisingly solid fantasy performer for a number of years now. He has eligibility at 1B and OF and may qualify in some leagues with 14 games at 3B.

Ryan Raburn - If Raburn is eligible at 2B in your league he could be one of the top sleepers at the position. He played 18 games there in 2010 so if your league requires 20 games you've been Ra-burned!

Ben Zobrist - Zorilla holds most value at 2B but he also plays OF and with 14 games at 1B he might be able to help you there too. He can also help when you get stuck on Z in the celebrity name game and your girlfriend says "He's not famous" and you can be like "Bitch he is cause I says he is" and then all of a sudden you have more free time to devote to your fantasy team.

Jhonny Peralta - The shortstop turned third baseman turned shortstop is a nice pick-up as he is eligible at 2 of the weaker positions. You can get away with starting him at SS and if your starter at 3B is hurt he is a fine injury replacement.

Juan Uribe - Playing at least 24 games at SS, 2B and 3B should qualify him at all 3 positions in 2011. Being able to put up solid production at 3 of the weakest positions could make Uribe one of the more valuable players on your team in 2011.

Jed Lowrie - Qualifying at SS and 2B makes Lowrie an even nicer starting SS option for your team if he's given a chance to play in 2011. The Red Sox seem to be leaning toward making Lowrie a super utility guy so this time next year he could hold even more positions.

Omar Infante - Falling one game shy of 20 games at SS could keep Infante from being a super utility player in some leagues, however, he has over 20 games at 2B, 3B, and OF and knows more positions than Jenna Jameson. He should get everyday ABs in Florida and if he qualifies at SS in your league you could have the most flexible players in the game.


There are many benefits to drafting dual eligible players including the ability to take riskier players. Your mind can rest a little easier drafting Jose Reyes and Ian Kinsler knowing you have a semi decent replacement in Uribe. In my experience having a solid utility man on your roster can help your team greatly.