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2011 Fantasy Sleeper: Rockies Infielder Ty Wigginton

The Rockies have several fantasy sleepers in 2011, and with good reason. They play in the best hitters park in the NL, and have acquired a few new hitters this offseason. I wrote about second baseman Jose Lopez a few weeks ago here, and today I cover Ty Wigginton.

I was listening to the MLB channel on XM175 last night on my way to a birthday party in New York, and Jeff Joyce and Jeff Nelson interviewed Rockies beat reported Troy Renck from the Denver Post. When asked about Wigginton, he stated that they didn't sign him to be a bench guy, and that he will get 400-450 at bats playing third base to spell Ian Stewart, first base to spell Todd Helton and in left field when the Rockies are on the road. He stated that Wigginton would not getting too many starts in LF in Coors Field due to the expansive outfield, but would get plenty of looks on the road.

There is also the chance he could win the third base job over Ian Stewart, as I have stated before, that I think Stewart needs to prove himself this year. The Rockies must be down on Stewart based on their offseason moves to sign Wigginton and Lopez.

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Also consider the fact that first baseman Todd Helton has turned into a platoon player, is injury prone, and not getting any younger, one can imagine a scenario where Wigginton could exceed 450 at bats this season. I will add the fact that Dexter Fowler is slated to be the starting center fielder out of spring training, but I am not a fan of his. Should Fowler disappoint in the first few months of 2011, the Rockies could move Carlos Gonzalez to centerfield, and start Wigginton in left field more than expected.

Wigginton hit .248-.312-.415 with 22 HRs and 76 RBIs in 581 at bats in Baltimore in 2010, and I think he could duplicate those stats in less at bats hitting in Coors Field in 2011. He also has multi-position eligibility which increases his value a bit. He is eligible at 3 positions come draft day-1B, 2B and 3B, and will probably gain outfield eligibility by the May-June timeframe.

Wigginton is a sleeper in mixed leagues, and is draftable in NL-only leagues in 2011.