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NBA's Fantasy Breakout Player of the Half

Hey Dorell, what category do you lead the league in?
Hey Dorell, what category do you lead the league in?

What a better way to finish off the first-half awards than to award the surprise players that have contributed mightily to your squads. There have been a couple of NBA Players that have broken out, but not one player has entered stud status with the exception of one man. That player is the only player to win two Fake Teams Imaginary awards, Dorell Wright SG/SF, Golden State Warriors. Wright, highlighted in this article: All-NBA Fantasy Team v2: , has not slowed down one bit.

What type of player can Wright morph into? Find out after the jump...

His game reminds me of Shawn Marion when Marion was actually fantasy relevant. Just subtract a few rebounds, and add some more three-pointers, and the similarities are there. Marion was a staunch defender, consistently amongst the league leader in steals, while Wright currently ranks in the top 20 in steals per game. As a member of the Phoenix Suns, Marion was a perennial member of the esteemed 1-1-1 club (for those who are unfamiliar with this club - 1 block/1 steal/1 three-pointer per game). Wright is 0.2 blocks away from joining that club; hell if you round up, he’s a part of the club. It doesn’t hurt to have Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in your backcourt absorbing some of the defensive pressure, and at the same time, setting the table for you. The former first round pick is averaging a career high in minutes per game, averaging almost 40 minutes. It appears that Wright was worth the first round pedigree and is currently leading the league in three-pointers. Basketball Monster ( predicts Wright to be a top-15 finisher in fantasy as I am not the only one who believes Wright will not slow down in the second half.