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MLB Trade Rumors: Chase Utley Injury Update, Michael Young to the Phillies?

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After hearing about Chase Utley's MRI on his right knee on Sunday, I checked some other sites to see if there was more news on his knee injury, and found this blog post, via The Good Phight, from Todd Zolecki, the Phillies beat writer for

Chase Utley has tendinitis in his right knee, and the Phillies said they will bring him along slowly this spring to ensure he is ready for the season.

They said Utley is not scheduled for a cortisone injection.

Utley said surgery has not been discussed.

Surgery? That thought had not even entered my mind, but I guess it is possible. I assume that surgery will be the last resort, and depending upon the time it takes to recover, the Phillies could push Utley to have surgery sooner rather than later.

This is all speculation, but should Utley require surgery, I could see the Phillies trying to deal for Rangers infielder Michael Young. I could see a Young for Joe Blanton deal making sense for both teams. Adding Blanton would allow the Rangers to put Neftali Feliz back in the closer spot and add an innings eater to their rotation. Plus, it has been rumored in the past that the Phillies showed some interest in Young.

Young could play second base for the Phillies and be the right handed bat the Phillies have been looking for since Jayson Werth left for free agency. A Phillies lineup without Utley and with Young could look like this:









The Phillies could switch Brown and Ruiz and have alternating right-lefty throughout their lineup.

Again, just speculating, but the deal makes sense for both teams.