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Down on the Farm: Project Prospect's Digital Prospect Guide

Adam Foster and his team of scouts over at Project Prospect recently published their second annual Digital Prospect Guide and it is now available in .pdf format.

Here is a description of the guide:

Product Details

The Digital Prospect Guide is jam packed with professional quality scouting videos. Of the 100 prospects in the guide, we have video of 90 of them. Most of the videos were shot from right behind home plate or looking right at a hitter's belt buckle. We pride ourselves on taking the highest quality prospect videos out there. Because the videos are embedded into the document, once downloaded, the entire guide can be viewed offline.

Check out a screenshot of one of the prospect writeups in the guide after the jump:

DPG Preview

So head on over to Project Prospect to learn more about their innovative prospect guide that includes videos on 90 of their top 100 prospects.