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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Adam Wainwright To Have Tommy John Surgery?

Well, it is being reported that Adam Wainwright may need Tommy John surgery, but we won't know definitively till later today or tomorrow after he visits the Cardinals doctor in St. Louis. Here is the tweet from Joe Strauss who broke the news:

Club officials believe TJ surgery likely outcome re: Waino. Nothing definitive until today's appointment.

 My first thought after reading this news was that the Cardinals season my be over before it starts, and it is possibly that Albert Pujols may request a trade by the trade deadline. I am sure if the Cardinals are 10 games out on June 30th, they may approach Pujols about waiving his no-trade clause. And, why wouldn't Pujols want to explore a deal, especially if he is serious about leaving St. Louis in the offseason.

The Cardinals could go out and sign free agent pitcher Kevin Millwood to replace Wainwright, but he is no Wainwright. Wainwright is an ace on the Cardinals staff and he is a big loss. The Phillies could offer Joe Blanton to the Cardinals as well.

Finally, the rankings I posted this morning will obviously change as a result of this news, with Tommy Hanson or Matt Cain jumping into the top 12 for NL-only leagues.