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Fantasy Basketball: Waiver Wire Wednesdays

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The trades keep on coming as the Utah Jazz has just traded Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in a 3-team deal. Thanks to the Golden State Warriors, Troy Murphy finally escapes Avery Johnson's doghouse. Golden State sends Dan Gadzuric to the Nets, while the Nets trade PG Devin Harris, two first round draft picks and uber-talented rookie Derrick Favors to the Jazz. This move comes out of nowhere. I thought Williams was the reason Jerry Sloan quit as head coach of the Jazz. Why trade Williams a week later? Fantasy news to come of this is watch what happens to Murphy. Golden State will presumably buy out Murphy's contract, so the big man from Notre Dame may end up latching onto a contender. If he receives the playing time, he can contribute in multiple categories. Derrick Favors receives a downgrade as he will be playing behind Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson in Utah. Harris' and Williams' values don't change much. Williams is still a top player, but his assists may go down some.

It looks like the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks triggered a chain reaction of trades. I'll try to keep you posted as key trades occur and what they may mean to your fantasy teams. While you try to keep up with this crazy start to the trading deadline, I'll give you some key players to pick up after the jump...

To start off let's name some players with injury notes that you should pick up. If Joakim Noah was somehow dropped in your league (don't laugh. He's still available in 5% of Yahoo! Leagues), please pick him up. Don't even finish reading this article. Don't ask, just do it. Rudy Gay was dropped in many leagues following his 4-week injury diagnosis. Stash him and pick up his Grizzlies' replacement (I'll get to him below). You won't miss a beat, I promise. Chris Kaman should regain his starting position soon, so grab him if he's still available.

Now onto the players available in less than 60% of Yahoo! Leagues...

Tony Allen SG/SF, Memphis Grizzlies (25% owned)

With the aforementioned Rudy Gay injury, Coach Lionel Hollins announced Allen, as his new starting small forward. In his first game as Gay's replacement, all Allen did was score 26 points, grab 8 rebounds and one swipe. In limited minutes, Allen is still averaging an impressive 1.7 SPG, and he will contribute in 3 categories: Points, Steals and Rebounds. He also will not hurt you anywhere else and makes for a more than adequate Gay replacement. Pick him up now - he's my # 1 pickup of the week.

Ty Lawson PG, Denver Nuggets (45% owned)

Lawson would be my #1 pickup if I knew for sure Raymond Felton would be dealt out of Denver. Unfortunately for Lawson, the Nuggets don't plan on making any other moves leading up to the trading deadline. Felton and Lawson will split minutes going forward. Lawson started and led Denver to a 120-107 victory over Memphis on Tuesday Night. Lawson dominated on both sides of the ball, stealing 6 balls, dishing out 7 assists and scoring 21 points. His first post-'Melo start should come with a major asterisk though, as the Nuggets were without all of their new pieces from the Knicks. If Lawson is available, pick him up and monitor his situation with Felton. The two can co-exist especially if Lawson starts.

Rodrigue Beaubois PG/SG, Dallas Mavericks (19% owned)

The second-year guard made his season debut on February 16th against the Kings and even got his first start the next night against Phoenix. Rowdy Roddy played roughly 20 minutes in each contest, so he's not 100% healthy right now. Being eased into starter's minutes can only lessen the cost to obtain Beaubois. The guy can score, hit 3's, steal the ball and dish it out with the best of them.

Samuel Dalembert C, Sacramento Kings (48% owned)

Even with Forward Carl Landry rumored to be shipped to New Orleans, Dalembert still can't crack the starting lineup. Jason Thompson started at Center on Tuesday in the latest episode of Paul Westphal Carousel. Dalmbert responded with 18 points and 13 rebounds against the Heat. Dalembert has been productive when given the opportunity, but there's no telling what lineup Coach Westphal is going to trot out onto the court.

Marcus Thornton SG, New Orleans Hornets for now, soon to be the Kings? (27% owned)

The Kings are close to trading Carl Landry to the Hornets for Marcus Thornton. Last year's darling Thornton averaged 14.5 PPG and 1.6 3PG for New Orleans, thus boosting his draft status in 2010-11. Thus far he has been a bust while averaging half of last season's production. However with the injury of Tyreke Evans, an opening in the lineup for Sacramento has appeared. Thornton could replicate his 2009-2010 stats as a starter for the Kings as he's fallen out of favor in New Orleans. He needs to beat out Jermaine Taylor for minutes.

Other players to pick up:

Ramon Sessions PG, Cleveland Cavaliers (62% owned) I highlighted him last week when he was 55% owned. Looks like some people are listening.

Jermaine Taylor SG, Sacramento Kings (2% owned)

Carlos Delfino SG/SF, Milwaukee Bucks 37% owned when I mentioned him last week - he's up to 39%.

Greg Monroe C, Detroit Pistons (37% owned)

Wesley Johnson SG, Minnesota Timberwolves (33% owned)

Luke Ridnour PG, Minnesota Timberwolves (52% owned)

Omri Casspi SG/SF, Sacramento Kings (17% owned)

Any other players to note? Add in the comments...