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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Fantasy Baseball Sites Thread

Responding to a request from reader acr, here are the fantasy baseball sites that I read daily or use when writing blog posts:

Fantasy Baseball

Fake Teams

Rob Neyer-SB Nation

ESPN Buster Olney Insider articles




Baseball Reference


MLB Trade Rumors


Baseball Think Factory

Fantasy Alpha


Buster Olney's blog posts aren't really fantasy related, but the information gained from him blog is enormous, plus he provides daily links to all the team beat writers. The ESPN Insider is $40 per year, but is well worth the money. I know, free plug, but I like his blog.

Neyer provide plenty of insight with a sabremetric spin which is exactly what fantasy owners are looking for.

The prospect sites I use are after the jump:

Prospect Sites

Minor League Ball

Keith Law's ESPN Insider articles

Baseball America

Baseball Prospectus

Project Prospect

Fantasy Rundown

Twitter pages for Keith Law, Jim Callis and Kevin Goldstein

Those are the sites I use daily, and there are others that I use from time to time. What sites do you use daily. Leave them in the comments section, so we can all share our thoughts on the sites.