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Fantasy Baseball 2011: AL/NL-Only Shortstop Rankings

I covered my 2011 overall shortstop rankings here, and covered a couple guys you might consider once Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki are off the board here, here and here. Jeremy covered the shortstop breakout candidates here.

Now here are my AL/NL-Only shortstop rankings for 2011, starting with the NL:


Hanley Ramirez, FLA

Troy Tulowitzki, COL

Jose Reyes, NYM

Stephen Drew, ARI

Ian Desmond, WAS

Jimmy Rollins, PHI

Rafael Furcal, LAD

Starlin Castro, CHC

Miguel Tejada, SF

Juan Uribe, LAD

Yuniesky Betancourt, MIL

Alex Gonzalez, ATL

AL-Only and commentary after the jump:


Alexei Ramirez, CHW

Derek Jeter,NYY

Elvis Andrus, TEX

J.J. Hardy, BAL

Marco Scutaro, BOS

Erick Aybar, LAA

Yunel Escobar, TOR

Alcides Escobar, KC

Reid Brignac, TB

Jhonny Peralta, DET

Alexi Casilla, MIN

Jed Lowrie, BOS

Wow. The SS position is thin in AL-only leagues. I think I would wait till the later rounds of an AL-Only league draft to grab a SS. There are only ta few guys on the AL list that will hit for double digit power-Jeter, Hardy and Peralta. But there is plenty of SB guys between Ramirez, Aybar, Escobar, Jeter and Andrus.

Meanwhile the NL has two of the top 10-12 hitters in all of baseball manning the SS spot in Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki. Both will put up high double digit HRs and SBs, with Hanley a slam dunk for 20-20. I thought about ranking Jimmy Rollins ahead of Ian Desmond, but think Rollins is on the downside of his career now. Desmond could put up a 15-15 season in 2011, but with a low BA.

I ranked Furcal ahead of Castro with the assumption he will be healthy for the majority of the year. His back injury has slowed him down on the basepaths, but think he could steal 25 this year with Davey Lopes coaching first base for the Dodgers.

Miguel Tejada is still a productive hitter at the age of 37, as he hit .269-.312-.381 with 15 HRs and 71 RBIs in 2010. Tejada is eligible at 3B as well as SS in 2011, which adds to his value a bit.

It appears the NL has more power hitting SS with Hanley, Tulo, Tejada, Alex Gonzalez and Juan Uribe offering mid-teen to 30 HR power. One guy I am curious about is Cubs SS Starlin Castro. Can he raise his game a level by adding double-digit power and double digit SB totals this year?