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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Keeper League Trade

I was reading one of the fantasy baseball chats over on ESPN last night and was surprised with AJ Mass' response to this keeper league deal:

John (PA)

Just Traded Tulo($12) and Weiters ($13) for AGon($27) Carlos Santana ($1) and Daniel Hudson($1) in a 5x5 keeper league. Who got the better of the trade?

AJ Mass (11:19 AM)

I'd have stood pat... after Tulo the dropoff at short is HUGE.

I see his point on Tulo, BUT, I think John from PA is getting the better end of the deal. First off, one can make the case that AGon is due for a huge season in the Boston lineup this season. And, if you take away Tulo's monster September, Tulo was mediocre last year.

With Santana, at $1, he is getting the better catcher in the deal. He is already better than Weiters in my opinion. Santana could be the #1 catcher going into 2012 drafts. I think he outperforms Mauer this year.

Then you factor in he is getting Dan Hudson for a buck as well? I think I make that deal without a second thought. Well, I ALWAYS take my time making deals in keeper leagues, so maybe I would have thought about it......for about 20 minutes.

What do Fake Teams readers think?