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Fantasy Baseball 2011: NL-Only Top 12 Hitters

I am beginning to prepare for my NL-only league drafts, and was taking a look at how I think the first round will go this year. You can think of this list as my NL-only first round, because I won't ever take a pitcher in the first round. I may join a Yahoo or Mock Draft Central NL-only mock draft to see where I stand compared to the mock-draft ranking out there.

Here is my 2011 NL-only Top 12/first round:

1. Albert Pujols, STL-I wrote about the future free agent in my first base rankings here. Does he have a monster walk year in 2011?

2. Hanley Ramirez, FLA-I wrote about Hanley here and think he could drop in 2012 if his power does not pick up a bit.

3. Joey Votto, CIN-I wrote about Votto in my first base rankings here. I think his 2010 HR/FB rate of 25% is not sustainable

4. Matt Kemp, LAD-I wrote about Kemp here and am predicting a 30-30 season from Kemp in 2011.

5. Troy Tulowitzki, COL-I wrote about Tulo here. He proved me wrong in 2010, but wonder if his injuries were flukes or if he is injury prone.

6. Ryan Braun, MIL-i wrote about Braun here and here and think he will get back to the 35 HR level in 2011.

7. David Wright, NYM-i wrote about Wright here and wonder what the Mets lineup will look like come August 1st.

8. Carlos Gonzalez, COL- I wrote about the 2010 breakout hitter here. I think he disappoints in 2011.

8. Ryan Howard, PHI-I wrote about Howard in my first base rankings here. Does he rebound with a 40 HR season in 2011?

9. Prince Fielder, MIL-I wrote about Fielder in my first base rankings here. Is this year his "On" year?

10. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS-I wrote about Zimmerman here. Zimm is a solid 4 category hitter on a bad, but improving, team.

11. Chase Utley, PHI-I wrote about Utley here. I think he rebounds after the injury-filled 2010 season.

12. Matt Holliday, STL-I wrote about Holliday here. Does it make any sense that he makes more than teammate Albert Pujols, and the Cardinals are balking at extending Pujols? Something doesn't jive here.