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Rob Neyer Leaves the Worldwide Leader for SB Nation

I am a little late in posting this, but Rob Neyer has left ESPN and joined SB Nation as our National Baseball Editor.

Can you believe it?  I was suprised when I was told of the move. As I was reading some of the farewell articles written at some of the other baseball sites I visit on a daily basis, many of the writers were saying the same thing-that Neyer introduced them to sabermetrics and he is the reason why they are writing today. And some commenters stated that they never heard of SB Nation. Well, I think that has changed for good.

Neyer has a strong following, and I see him building a stronger following here at SB Nation and its network of baseball blogs. Rob has already started writing for SB Nation, and you can read him here on a daily basis.

I just hope he continues to do his weekly chats here at SB Nation.