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MLB Trade Rumors: Did the Cardinals Try to Trade Albert Pujols

This weekend, we heard from Albert Pujols' camp that he will veto any trade proposals this season. Here is an excerpt from Buster Olney's ESPN article:

Other teams have asked the Cardinals about Albert Pujols in the past, making sure that if St. Louis ever thought about dealing the perennial MVP candidate, the inquiring team's interest was established.

The Cardinals have never really pursued any of that trade discussion.

But no matter what happens in the last days of negotiations before Pujols arrives at the Cardinals' camp in spring training, the slugger will not be traded.The understanding within the St. Louis front office is that Pujols will not accept any trade going forward, according to sources. He has the right to veto any trade proposal, and would do so. This means there are only two possible results in the negotiations in the Pujols talks: Either he signs a contract extension with the Cardinals, or he will become a free agent this coming fall.

Olney states that the Cardinals have never really pursued trading Pujols. What I want to know is, why would Pujols' agent feel the need to announce that Pujols would veto any trade proposal if the Cardinals didn't try to trade him?

More offseason thoughts after the jump:

Other Offseason Thoughts

Josh Johnson was one of the best starting pitchers in baseball in 2010. But fantasy owners may want to see how he pitches in spring training, as ESPN's Stephania Bell has opined that owners should proceed with caution should they draft him this year. Here is a quote from Matthew Berry's top 200 over at ESPN:

76. Josh Johnson: Stephania Bell says there are major injury concerns here. Given how deep starting pitching is this year, that risk just keeps dropping him in my rankings.

Major concerns? Maybe the Marlins didn't fully disclose the extent of his shoulder discomfort last September. states the he was shut down on September 13th for the rest of the season with a mid-back strain and right shoulder inflammation.

Now that the Rangers have traded for C/1B/DH Mike Napoli, and signed him to a $5.8 million one year deal, does this mean Michael Young is back on the trade block? I saw Ken Rosenthal on the MLB channel the other night stating that the Rockies are still interested. Why? Are they going to play him at 1B? They already have signed Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton this offseason.

On Friday, the Mets ownership announced they were looking to sell up to 25% of the team, but as I read somewhere this weekend, what investor would invest a couple hundred mill and not have a say in the durection of the team? I guess it is entirely possible the Wilpons will sell the team.

Speaking of the Mets, as a result of the ownership situation, could the Mets deal Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran before the trade deadline this year? I think both will be traded, and my guess is that Beltran will be traded to an AL team where he can DH some. And I think Reyes could be traded to the Reds as they have plenty of prospects in their farm system who are blocked including Todd Frazier, Yonder Alonso and Mike Leake possibly. Plus, the Reds need a shortstop and leadoff hitter and Reyes fills both of those holes.