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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 9

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The draft continues and we finished Round 9 a dew nights ago, and there were some young hitters and pitchers taken in this round, and I may have reached a bit with my choice of Padres starter Cory Luebke, but he pitches in the best pitchers park in baseball, he strikes out almost 10 batters per nine, and should be ready to throw a few more innings in 2012.

Here are the results of Round 9:

Round 9 - $4 - 2 Years

Oakland Athletics - Jordan Zimmermann - SP - Washington Nationals
Colorado Rockies - Gio Gonzalez - SP - Oakland Athletics
Arizona Diamondbacks - Chris Young - OF - Arizona Diamondbacks
Brooklyn Nets - Neil Walker - 2B - Pittsburgh Pirates
Anaheim Angels - Yonder Alonso - OF/1B - Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Rays - Jayson Werth - OF - Washington Nationals
Carl Winslows - Max Scherzer - SP - Detroit Tigers
Atlanta Braves - Matt Garza - SP - Chicago Cubs
Miami Marlins - Drew Storen - RP - Washington Nationals
Fake Teams - Cory Luebke - SP - San Diego Padres
Boston Red Sox - Anibal Sanchez - SP - Miami Marlins
New York Mets - Billy Butler - UT - Kansas City Royals
Texas Rangers - Derek Holland - SP - Texas Rangers
Bronx Bombers - Andre Ethier - OF - Los Angles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers -Jonathan Papelbon - RP - Philadelphia Phillies
Toronto Blue Jays -Colby Rasmus - OF - Toronto Blue Jays

I liked the A's choice of Jordan Zimmerman here. I think he can be a solid #2 this season, possibly winning 13-15 games with a solid ERA/WHIP. I think picking Walker in this round was a bit early, but the second base position is getting thin.

I like the Angels pick here. Alonso could be a regular .300 hitter with 20 HRs and 80 RBIs with regular playing time. I just traded for Matt Garza in an NL-Only league, and hope he stays in Chicago this offseason. I think he took a big step up in 2011. Robert ranked him as his 23rd best starter in 2012, and I saw a few other Top 35 rankings as well, so Garza is a nice choice here by the Braves.

There were a few closers chosen in this round and maybe I need to pick one up in the next few rounds as well.

The Blue Jays choice of Colby Rasmus was not a surprise here, as he is a Blue Jays fan. 2012 will be a very important year for Rasmus. He could break out and show the potential many see in him, or he could be handed the bust label with another performance like 2011.