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Breaking News: Albert Pujols to Sign with the Angels!!!!

Tim Brown from Yahoo is reporting this morning that Albert Pujols will sign with the Angels, per his tweet:

Tim Brown

Source: Pujols will sign with Angels for 10 years for between $250 and $260 million. Full no-trade. Pujols decided Thursday morning.

Huge news!! This allows Pujols to DH at the end of his career. This certainly does not affect his value in fantasy leagues, and could result in Albert breaking the major league home run title when his career is over.

It sppears that for Pujols the decision came down to respect and money, and the Cardinals had all the time in the world to sign him to a long term contract, but stuck by their guns and their budget. First, Tony LaRussa retires and now Albert Pujols is an Angel.

This will quickly make Cardinal fans forget they won the World Series.

Now, what the Angels decide to do with Kendrys Morales and Mark Trumbo, their current first baseman, remains to be seen, but my assumption is they will make one of them their DH and trade the other, but they have to prove Morales is healthy before doing so.

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