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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Early Starting Pitcher Rankings

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We continue our early look at 2012 positional rankings this week with starting pitchers. Why not have a look at the other positions as well?

Catcher: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

First Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Second Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Third Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Shortstop: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Outfield: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles: #1 | #2

Quality starting pitching can be found at the top, middle, and bottom of draft boards in 2012. I was initially supposed to rank 40 pitchers, but I expanded to 50 once I realized just how deep the position is. Additionally, there were 7 different pitchers that I told myself I would have to make sure got included in the top 5. Eventually, I just had to settle on an order that I didn't hate.

I will have profiles for each pitcher ranked 1-25 out tomorrow, with 26-50 coming on Wednesday. As always, please leave me your feedback in the comments.

1. Roy Halladay

2. Clayton Kershaw

3. Justin Verlander

4. Felix Hernandez

5. Tim Lincecum

6. Cliff Lee

7. CC Sabathia

8. Cole Hamels

9. Zack Greinke

10. Jered Weaver

11. Dan Haren

12. David Price

13. Jon Lester

14. Ian Kennedy

15. Matt Cain

16. Stephen Strasburg

17. Madison Bumgarner

18. Michael Pineda

19. James Shields

20. Yovani Gallardo

21. Tommy Hanson

22. Josh Beckett

23. Matt Garza

24. Adam Wainwright

25. Yu Darvish

26. Ricky Romero

27. C.J. Wilson

28. Mat Latos

29. Brandon Beachy

30. Derek Holland

31. Cory Luebke

32. Jordan Zimmermann

33. Brandon Morrow

34. Josh Johnson

35. Daniel Hudson

36. Chris Carpenter

37. Matt Moore

38. Anibal Sanchez

39. Max Scherzer

40. Shaun Marcum

41. Gio Gonzalez

42. Ubaldo Jimenez

43. Scott Baker

44. Ted Lilly

45. Alexi Ogando

46. Neftali Feliz

47. Chris Sale

48. Jaime Garcia

49. Jeremy Hellickson

50. Ivan Nova