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Fantasy Football: Some Speculation on the Matt Forte Injury

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Matt Forte sprained his MCL in the first half of Sunday's game with the Chiefs. Based on how these reports are coming before he had an MRI, the injury is likely a Grade-2 (partial tear) or a Grade-3 (complete tear) sprain. Usually doctors can't diagnose a Grade-1 sprain (no tear). Either a Grade-2 or a Grade-3 injury will likely require a three-to-six week absence from playing, thus ending his fantasy season. Marion Barber becomes a must-own back in even shallow leagues.

Let's speculate on what these injuries could lead to:

The danger of a Grade-3 MCL sprain is that usually since it takes so much torsion on the knee, the ACL is also in jeopardy and could tear as well. It's not a guarantee and Jerod Mayo suffered a Grade-3 tear and his ACL was fine. If this is the case for Forte, then chances are Forte should have no concerns about missing time for the 2012 season. What's more, there's a chance he could make an appearance in the postseason. If the MCL sprain was a Grade-2, the likelihood if him making a playoff appearance is slightly higher. Just to be clear, it's slightly doubtful that we see Forte this year.

On the other hand, if Forte did tear his ACL, then he will need about eight months of rehab and would be susceptible to some recurring knee issues. This consequently would have a huge impact on seeking his huge contract.

Tomorrow will be a huge day when Forte gets his MRI to give him a concrete diagnosis. If Forte is one of your keepers, all you can really hope for is that he just has a Grade-2 or Grade-3 MCL sprain.

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