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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 8

Has Chase Utley's all out playing style caught up with him for good?
Has Chase Utley's all out playing style caught up with him for good?

Round 8 of the Fake Teams Dynasty League looks more like what you would see from a regular mixed league fantasy league draft. Since the contract for round 8 players is for only one year, at $5, many chose aging/older players who can help them in a few categories.

With that said, there are a few players drafted in this round who could be given contract extensions in 2013, and I will discuss them later. I selected the Red Sox beer drinking, chicken eating, take 30 seconds between every pitch starter Josh Beckett in this round. I needed a starter and wanted someone who could provide solid stats for my Fake Teams team.

Round 8 - $5 - 1 Year

Toronto Blue Jays - Chase Utley - 2B - Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Dodgers - Victor Martinez - C/1B - Detroit Tigers
Bronx Bombers - Kevin Youkilis - 1B/3B - Boston Red Sox
Texas Rangers - Shane Victorino - OF - Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets - Michael Young - 3B - Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox - JJ Hardy - SS - Baltimore Orioles
Fake Teams - Josh Beckett - SP - Boston Red Sox
Miami Marlins - Ricky Romero - SP - Toronto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves - Brett Gardner - OF - New York Yankees
Carl Winslows - Alexei Ramirez - SS - Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays - David Ortiz - DH - Free Agent
Anaheim Angels - Neftali Feliz - P - Texas Rangers
Brooklyn Nets - Corey Hart - OF - Milwaukee Brewers
Arizona Diamondbacks - Stephen Drew - SS - Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies - C.J. Wilson - SP - Free Agent
Oakland Athletics - Chris Carpenter - SP - St. Louis Cardinals

More Round 8 analysis after the jump:

I can see Chase Utley, Josh Beckett, Ricky Romero, Brett Gardner, David Ortiz, Corey Hart, C.J.Wilson and Chris Carpenter all given contract extensions after the 2012 season, assuming they all perform up to to lofty expectations. I like the Utley choice by the Blue Jays, as I would have taken him if he had fallen to me here.

Ortiz is a guys I thought about drafting back in the 6th round, but decided against it. I think he will again put up excellent power stats in 2012 and he also adds value by getting on base at a .370 clip as well. I was a bit surprised to see Stephen Drew selected this early. The Diamondbacks signed several middle infielders this offseason, which tells me Drew may not be ready for the start of the 2012 season.

I liked the choices of Wilson and Carpenter at the back end of Round 8 and have to say i considered both before choosing Beckett. I took Beckett as he has put up solid stats across the board for most of his career, with 2010 being the only exception. That, and I do not know where Wilson will land this offseason and Carpenter is a few years older than Beckett.

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