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Fantasy Basketball 2011-2012: Waiver Wire Picks and More

The NBA finally started their season on Christmas Day and FakeTeams has all the Waiver Wire Scoops and Game Recaps you need to stay ahead of your competition. Here are links to our week 1 Fantasy Basketball coverage, in case you missed it.

Fantasy Basketball Recap: That King Cole - FakeTeams
Get all the info you need from Tuesday's action in Fantasy Basketball Recap: That King Cole. Tons of players to add and keys from each game.

Fantasy Basketball: Waiver Wire Scoops From Wednesday - FakeTeams
Check out which 45 guys gained value that are available in 50 percent of leagues. Yes, 45.

Fantasy Basketball Recap: Waiver Wire and Breakdown - FakeTeams
The waiver wire might be filing charges for hitting it so hard. Check the latest in Fantasy Basketball Recap

Things That Suck: The Kindle and Hedo Turkoglu - FakeTeams
Why does a FakeTeams author spend half an article bashing the Kindle, and how does he manage to draw a connection to it and Hedo Turkoglu? Read and find out...