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FakeTeams is Looking for a Fantasy Baseball Writer

I am looking to increase our fantasy baseball coverage this season and am actually thinking about adding a few fantasy baseball writers.

I want to add a writer who will be responsible for posting the morning fantasy baseball links posts on a daily basis, and another to write 2-3 fantasy baseball articles per week.

I am looking for writers who have a passion for fantasy baseball, and who will be able to contribute on a consistent basis. Please email me with your interest, and also post a fantasy baseball related fanpost as well. The fanpost will give me an idea as to your ability to put your thoughts into an article that will be read by almost 3,000 FakeTeams readers.

I am looking forward to an excellent fantasy baseball season, and look for more rankings from us going forward. Once Jason and I complete our fantasy prospect rankings, we will be posting our AL-Only/NL-Only position rankings beginning on Monday January 9th.

In addition, we will be posting some 2012 sleeper, breakout and bust articles. And just before draft day, we will take what we learned from the inevitable spring training position battles, and post our final 2012 position rankings.

Finally, I am considering adding a fantasy baseball writer who will cover Scoresheet fantasy baseball. Do you play Scoresheet?