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Fake Teams Monitors the Minor League Links

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Another week, another group of top prospect lists, chats, and other discussions about the minor leagues here at Fake Teams.

  • The guys over at Bullpen Banter released 2 more top 15 prospect lists: The Yankees (link) and the Indians (link). Not entirely sure what to make of the fact that the top 2 prospects in the Indians system right now are both 2011 draftees, but they did empty the system quite a bit to acquire Ubaldo Jimenez.
  • I posted the results from Rounds 2 (link) and 3 (link) of the Fake Teams Dynasty League Minor League draft.
  • I also posted my Minor League Keeper Thoughts on the Baltimore Orioles' system.
  • Ray took a look at whether or not Bryce Harper could be a top 40 outfielder THIS season.