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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 14

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The Fake Teams Dynasty League draft continues and we are now in the middle of round 15, so here are the results for Round 14. This round was dominated by closers and guys who could close, as 10 of the 16 picks were relievers. I picks J.J. Putz, the closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is injury prone, but he proved his health in 2011 saving 40+ games for the first time since 2007.

The picks in this round are given one year contracts, so it makes sense to draft a closer due to their inherent volatility, and the $2 salary is not a huge burden. So let's get to the Round 14 picks, after the jump:

Round 14 picks:

Round 14 - $2.00 - 1 Year

Toronto Blue Jays - Jake Peavy - SP - Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers - Carlos Quentin - OF - Chicago White Sox
Bronx Bombers - Brennan Boesch - OF - Detroit Tigers
Texas Rangers - Yadier Molina - C - St. Louis Cardinals
New York Mets - Jonny Venters - RP - Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox - Tim Hudson - SP - Atlanta Braves
Fake Teams - J.J. Putz - RP - Arizona Diamondbacks
Miami Marlins - Tyler Clippard - RP - Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves - Brian Wilson - RP - San Francisco Giants
Carl Winslows - Joel Hanrahan - RP - Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays - Heath Bell - RP - Miami Marlins
Anaheim Angels - Carlos Marmol - RP - Chicago Cubs
Brooklyn Nets - Jose Valverde - RP - Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks - Ryan Madson - RP - Free Agent
Colorado Rockies - Rafael Betancourt - RP - Colorado Rockies
Oakland Athletics - Adam Dunn - 1B - Chicago White Sox

I went with Putz as did not experience a big drop in K rate like Joel Hanrahan and Heath Bell did, otherwise, I would have chosen Hanrahan over him. Of the guys that were taken after Putz, I like Valverde the most, as he has been fairly consistent the last few years, but he does walk too many batters.

I think Betancourt will be fine in Colorado, but he has never closed on a full time basis in his career, so I wonder how Rockies manager Jim Tracy will respond when he blows a few saves in a short period of time. With Rex Brothers in the pen waiting in the wings, Tracy may not give Betancourt a long leash.

Ryan Madson is another closer I like, but wonder where he will sign this offseason. Is there an MLB moratorium on not signing Scott Boras' clients this offseason?

I was eyeing up Adam Dunn in this round as well, but wanted to get my second closer...err....with the hope that Kenley Jansen finally gets the closer job in LA.

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