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Fantasy Prospect Outfielder Rankings for 2012

Here at Fake Teams, our aim is to provide fantasy baseball advice, and it would not be complete without providing our 2012 Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings. Ray and I have been giving you our take on the Prospect rankings by position for 2012. Outfield is clearly deeper than most of the positions, with a clear top 2 prospects and then a substantial drop off to the next tier. Here are the links to the other positions we have completed:


First Base

Third Base


Here are my top fantasy outfielder prospects for 2012. These rankings are for fantasy purposes, and JUST for 2012.

I will also provide a ranking for those of you in keeper leagues at the end.

Top Fantasy OF Prospects for 2012 Only:

1. Bryce Harper (WAS)

2. Mike Trout (LAA)

3. Brett Jackson (CHC)

4. Yonder Alonso (SD)

5. Tim Wheeler (COL)

6. Leonys Martin (TEX)

7. Michael Taylor (OAK)

8. Charlie Blackmon (COL)

9. Collin Cowgill (OAK)

10. Caleb Gindl (MIL)

11. Anthony Gose (TOR)

12. Starling Marte (PIT)

13. Wil Myers (KC)

14. Grant Green (OAK)

15. A.J. Pollock (ARI)

My Thoughts about the top outfield prospects after the jump...

  • There have been hints that uber-prospect Bryce Harper could possibly make the team out of Spring Training, shifting Jayson Werth to center field. While I don't think that is a very likely outcome, Harper seems to me like a lock to be up at some point in 2012. His ranking here at the top of the 2012 list has more to do with the fact that if you want him on your team, you're going to have to draft him like he will be up all season.
  • I ranked Trout behind Harper because I am not convinced that the Angels start the season with him in their outfield. Trout is one of the few players who is movable to the minor leagues, and while he has shown he can provide 5-category value, I think he will start the season in AAA Salt Lake City and get called up during the season. (I think he SHOULD be in the Majors, but I think he won't be based on management).
  • I ranked Alonso as an outfield prospect, as he played a majority of his games in the outfield last year. I think he ends up winning the first base job in San Diego, and Rizzo gets sent back to AAA for some more seasoning.
  • I saw Michael Taylor play quite a bit here in Sacramento, and the thing I kept seeing was the flashes of potential. He'd hit a mammoth home run, and then strikeout badly later in the same game. He has the potential to be a 20-20 outfielder still, but I want to see him do it and stay healthy.
  • I think Wheeler does more if he gets full-time playing time in Colorado than Charlie Blackmon, but I think that both are more likely to be bench outfielders for the team. A trade of Seth Smith could help with some playing time for them as well, but the Michael Cuddyer signing kind of locks them out of a starting job.
  • Myers seems to me like he could very well force his way to the Majors this year if he gets off to a hot start. He seems likely to start the year at AA again, but could move fast if he keeps hitting.

As for the long-term prospects, here's my rankings, and a few thoughts afterward.

Top Fantasy OF Prospects for Keeper Leagues:

1. Bryce Harper (WAS)

2. Mike Trout (LAA)

3. Wil Myers (KC)

4. Brett Jackson (CHC)

5. Gary Brown (SF)

6. Jake Marisnick (TOR)

7. Anthony Gose (TOR)

8. Yonder Alonso (SD)

9. Bubba Starling (KC)

10. Oscar Taveras (STL)

11. Rymer Liriano (SD)

12. Michael Choice (OAK)

13. Christian Yelich (MIA)

14. Josh Bell (PIT)

15. Tim Wheeler (COL)

16. Leonys Martin (TEX)

17. Michael Taylor (OAK)

18. George Springer (HOU)

19. Oswaldo Arcia (MIN)

20. Adam Eaton (ARI)

21. Starling Marte (PIT)

22. Robbie Grossman (PIT)

23. Brandon Jacobs (BOS)

24. Brandon Nimmo (NYM)

25. Grant Green (OAK)

HM: A.J. Pollock (ARI), Mason Williams (NYY), Bryce Brentz (BOS), Brian Goodwin (WAS), Alfredo Silverio (LAD), Caleb Gindl (MIL)

  • I really like both Gose, and Liriano going forward. However, I want to see them both perform similiarly in 2012 to the way they did in 2011.
  • Bell's ranking is purely speculative, as he has not made his debut yet. He's also likely to be a bit behind the 8-ball as he will be age 19 for most of the 2012 season, and turn 20 in August. He'll need to move fast, and I would be concerned that the Pirates might push him too much.
  • Taylor's ranking here has more to do with his potential as a 20-20 outfielder than what seems more likely, which could be 15-15.