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10 Reasons to Join Fake Teams


The fantasy football season is basically over and boy, what a lot of work that was! I know that I personally put together 32 team previews back in August/September, and then things really got rolling once the season got here, with weekly reviews, previews, sleepers, and filler articles. And that's only me, a small part of what we did here at FakeTeams this year.

I can't give enough credit to MikeGallagher, dukeallstar, mahoney1213, and eklevine for weekly rankings and more, not to mention Ray Guilfoyle for being our fearless leader. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that you'll never see, a lot of work that goes into putting together a successful fantasy website.

How that success is measured is up to you.

I know I heard some positive mentions and more on twitter, and I'm sure the other guys did too. It felt good whenever I got a comment that said "Thanks so much!" or "I'm sending these articles to my friend in the military" (that still gives me chills) and it's why we keep on doing this. We want to know that we are being helpful and providing positive service to all of you for free.

I mean, think about that, this is a free website. Not to say that all fantasy websites aren't free (sure, there are paysites, but there's plenty of great information out there at no cost) but we both know that FakeTeams is not a powerhouse. Not yet. We have high hopes however.

We want to strive to get better and to be better. One of the ways we can do that, and for you to help us help you, is to join FakeTeams and be an active participant. Here are 10 reasons why...

1. Show Us That We Are Doing Good

The more of you that join, the more that we can show how well we are doing. It's not enough to simply visit the page, we get statistics to show how many members we have and how many hits we are getting. Let me tell you this: FakeTeams is one of the fastest growing sites on SBN.

It's awesome to know that we have grown so much in the last year, with great help from everyone involved, but we can do better. We must always strive to do better. Joining our site and commenting and making this a "community" and not just a place where people come and read and don't say anything, is a HUGE step towards FakeTeams being recognized as a top Fantasy Website.

2. Tell Us What We're Doing Wrong

Or you can join and just say "I think you'd be better if you did this" and we will happily take a look at the criticism. If there's something about FakeTeams that you do not like, or something that you want to see, please tell us. We will have no idea what it is unless you say something, and you might be surprised with the response and willingness to adapt.

We want to be better for the mass audience, not just for the loudest minority. Join and criticize.

3. More Resources for Us to Get Better

The bigger our membership, the more that SBN will be willing to invest in us. The more time and resources we have at our disposal, the better the information that we will be providing directly to you.

4. Be a Part of an Online Community. Nerds Rule the World.

It might seem "nerdy" to be a part of an online community, but welcome to 2011 (almost 2012!) I am part of several online communities and it has helped me learn so much in my twenties. We want to have a voice and we want you to be part of that voice. We don't impose a lot of rules around here, so feel free to join and speak your mind and make comments and assertions about your favorite players and teams.

That being said, the more the community grows, the more we will strive to make it better. We just need to have a bigger group of you guys and girls joining and speaking up in order to mold how our community operates.

5. We Are Nice

I can't think of a single person or writer on this website that isn't nice. In all of my dealings with all of the writers here, there's really no other way to put it. There's a lot of competitiveness in blogging and sports writing but I don't see that at all here. Seriously, Ray is one of the nicest site managers on SBN.

Don't be afraid to join and be a part of it. We won't bite your head off. We like to have sincere and knowledgeable conversations and would love to have you. Also, do it for Ray because he's such a nice guy.

6. People to Talk About Fantasy With

I don't know about you, but I know very few people in real life that love fantasy sports. I am the biggest sports nerd I know and most of my friends could really care less. They "compete" in care-free leagues with their friends, family and spouses and it's all just fun trash talk. That can be fun, but I really don't know that many people in real life that want to debate about the AA catcher for the Braves or the wide receiver from Oklahoma State. I'm the only sports nerd that gets that deep amongst my friends.

Come be a part of a community where you are definitely no worse than tied for "Biggest Sports Nerd" and join in on those conversations.

7. Free T-Shirt

Sorry, I don't really have any free t-shirts, but people always come running when they see "Free T-Shirt"

8. Every Person Counts

I don't want you to think that you are "just one person" and what difference does it make. Everybody counts, every "single person" adds up to hundreds or more. Everybody is a part of something and it's the same reason we vote. To have a voice.

Come here and speak up and be a voice. Or just join now and then you'll always be ready to speak up and be a part of the community, or maybe you're never ready to be a part of it, but we'd love to have you as a member.

9. All Kind of Sports

We delved into Fantasy Football deeper than ever this year and it was a massive success. That's going to make the fantasy NBA and MLB seasons all that much better and we're adding more sports every day. (edit: to say we are adding new sports "every day" is actually a pretty big error, but we are adding more features and have added several sports this year! smiley face.) Tell us what we are missing. Tell us what you want to hear. Tell us what sports we NEED to cover.

Just tell us.

10. All of Our Lists Will Be of Round, Even Numbers

Most importantly, when we make a list, we promise to be a round number. Like 10. 10 is such a perfect number when listing stuff. So why not make 10 things and satisfy everyone? That's what we do here at FakeTeams.. we make great lists. And they have nice, round numbers.

Like this one. :)

You can follow me @casetines or FakeTeams @faketeams on twitter plus many of our other writers. Just join the show and let's make this a wonderful community for 2012 as we continue to grow and get better.

Thank you.