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Week 16 All Fantasy Football Questions Answered

It's looking more and more likely that Felix Jones is not going to play today. Jerry Jones has also gone on to say that even if Jones does play, that Sammy Morris will take on a significant role in the running game. This situation has gradually gone from bad to worse for fantasy owners. Has this Felix Jones situation caused you grief during the week?

Kevin Smith did not have as good a week 15, as many thought he would. He is facing a very weak San Diego run defense this week and that makes him look very promising. Detroit is still going to use him as their lead back, so he could get a number of carries. Would you take a chance on Kevin Smith today?

Stevie Johnson should play against the Broncos despite his lingering groin injury. He will be facing Champ Bailey and that raises more of a concern. He did play very well against Revis a few weeks ago, so maybe he can produce a nice game in this one. Do you think Stevie Johnson will be able to seperate himself from Champ Bailey?

Let us know what you think about these situations or ask any fantasy football question in the comments below.