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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft: Round 13

We just completed Round 13 in the Fake Teams Dynasty League draft yesterday, and I went with a bit of a reach with my pick, but he is a reliever who "should" be his team's closer in 2012, but he may not start the season in that role. Who am I talking about? The new Senor Smoke-Kenley Jansen-who broke the major league record for strikeouts per nine innings for a pitcher with at least 50 innings or work.

Round 13 - $3 - 4 Years

Oakland Athletics - Zack Cozart - SS - Cincinnati Reds
Colorado Rockies - John Danks - SP - Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks - Lorenzo Cain - OF - Kansas City Royals
Brooklyn Nets - Ivan Nova - SP - New York Yankees
Anaheim Angels - Sergio Santos - RP - Toronto Blue Jays
Tampa Bay Rays - Derek Jeter - SS - New York Yankees
Carl Winslows - Brian Matusz - SP - Baltimore Orioles
Atlanta Braves - Arodys Vizcaino - RP - Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins - Randall Delgado - SP - Atlanta Braves
Fake Teams - Kenley Jansen - RP - Los Angeles Dodgers
Boston Red Sox - Dexter Fowler - OF - Colorado Rockies
New York Mets - Bud Norris - SP - Houston Astros
Texas Rangers - Matt Joyce - OF - Tampa Bay Rays
Bronx Bombers - David Robertson - RP - New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers - Andrew Bailey - Oakland Athletics
Toronto Blue Jays - Anthony Rizzo - 1B - San Diego Padres

More of my thoughts after the jump:

I like Jason's pick of Zack Cozart with the first pick in this round. I can see him contributing double digit homers and steals for the Reds in a full time roll in 2012.

I also liked the second choice in this round, John Danks. He had a bit of a down year in 2011, but should return to his mid-3.00 ERA, but may have trouble winning games for the rebuilding White Sox.

I have to say if Arodys Vizcaino was still available, I would had a tough time taking Jansen here. I think Vizcaino will be starting in Atlanta later in 2012, but definitely in 2013, assuming good health.

Ron Shandler llikes the Red Sox pick here, and say's Fowlers upside is 15 HRs and 50 stolen bases, but I tend to think he won't approach either total in 2012.

I was not aware that Anthony Rizzo was still available in this round, ut am happy with my choice of Jansen here. He could strike out 100 batters as the Dodgers closer, and more if he is not.