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Fake Teams Dynasty League Minor League Draft Results: Round 5

We recently finished up the minor league draft, so here's a look at the results from Round 5 of the minor league portion of the draft. You can read about the results from round 1, round 2, round 3, and round 4. Here's the results from round 5, and a reminder on the rules of the minor league portion of the draft:

  • Players who have not made their Major League debut are the only eligible players for this draft. So players like Mike Trout, Jesus Montero, Matt Moore, and Devin Mesoraco were all ineligible to be drafted in this portion of the league.
  • The order was set via a random order generator, and as such is not related to the order for the Major League portion. Which of course made it a bit tough for the Blue Jays as they had the last pick in both.

Round 5

Texas Rangers - John Lamb - P - Kansas City Royals
Arizona Diamondbacks - Taylor Jungmann - P - Milwaukee Brewers
Fake Teams - Zach Lee - SP - Los Angeles Dodgers
Boston Red Sox - Jonathan Schoop - 2B/SS - Baltimore Orioles
Brooklyn Nets - Trevor May - SP - Philadelphia Phillies
Tampa Bay Rays - Jarred Cosart - SP - Houston Astros
Los Angeles Dodgers - Kolten Wong - 2B - St. Louis Cardinals
New York Mets - Dillon Howard - P - Cleveland Indians
Oakland Athletics - Kaleb Cowart - 3B - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Anaheim Angels - Garin Cecchini - 3B - Boston Red Sox
Miami Marlins - Rymer Liriano - OF - San Diego Padres
Atlanta Braves - Aaron Hicks - OF - Minnesota Twins
Bronx Bombers - Tyrell Jenkins - SP - St. Louis Cardinals
Carl Winslows - Robbie Grossman - OF - Pittsburgh Pirates
Colorado Rockies - Tyler Matzek - SP - Colorado Rockies
Toronto Blue Jays - Daniel Norris - SP - Toronto Blue Jays

My Thoughts on this final round after the jump:

  • Ray commented that he had to take a Dodger at some point, and I liked the choice of Lee here. John Sickels recently rated Lee the top prospect in the Dodgers' system, and gave him a B+ grade.
  • We saw a lot of high-upside, high-risk picks in this round. I went with Kaleb Cowart, who could jump this season or really become a bit of a bust.
  • Both Aaron Hicks and Tyler Matzek have the potential to be high-end Major Leaguers, but it could be a long time before they get there, if ever.
  • Mets actually was waiting (and made his pick after a few other teams had gone) in the hope that Yu Darvish or Yoenis Cespedes would sign prior to the end of the draft. Both would have been eligible for the minor league draft, and honestly I wish I had thought of doing that. That said, the draft has been over almost 10 days already, and still neither is likely to sign for another month.

I am planning on reviewing the teams' draft results in groups over the next few weeks, but we will be going over our fantasy prospect rankings for 2012 first.