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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 10

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Time to get back to the Fake Teams Dynasty League draft results, and today I discuss Round 10. I have to admit, I got so busy with a few other things here that I forgot to post the results of our dynasty league draft.

Round 10 - $3.50 - 4 Years

Toronto Blue Jays - Brandon Morrow - SP - Toronto Blue Jays
Los Angeles Dodgers - Trevor Cahill - SP - Oakland Athletics
Bronx Bombers - Jhoulys Chaci­n - SP - Colorado Rockies
Texas Rangers - Shaun Marcum - SP - Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets - Johnny Cueto - SP - Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox - Cameron Maybin - OF - San Diego Padres
Fake Teams - Jaime Garcia - SP - St. Louis Cardinals
Miami Marlins - Peter Bourjos - OF - Los Angeles Angels
Atlanta Braves - Nick Swisher - OF - New York Yankees
Carl Winslows - Aroldis Chapman - P - Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Rays - John Axford - RP - Milwaukee Brewers
Anaheim Angels - Jarrod Parker - SP - Arizona Diamondbacks
Brooklyn Nets - Jacob Turner - P - Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks - Clay Buchholz - SP - Boston Red Sox
Colorado Rockies - Erick Aybar - SS - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Oakland Athletics - Mark Reynolds - 1B/3B - Baltimore Orioles

This round allows you to keep the player for 4 years, but as you can see, there aren't many prospect type players left in the player pool, so many of the owners are left to take the best available or fill a need.

My thoughts on some of the choices after the jump:

I was hoping Cameron Maybin would fall to me, but as has been the case for most of this draft, it did not happen. Maybin was taken one pick before mine, so I decided to pick Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia here. I thought about taking Jarrod Parker, but figured Garcia is still young enough to keep for the next 4 years, and he could improve going forward as well.

This round was dominated by owners looking for starting pitching, as there were 9 starters taken, along with 2 relievers, out of the 16 picks. I really can't say there was one pitcher that stood out over another. Guys like Morrow, Cahill, Chacin, Marcum, Cueto and Garcia are all about the same to me.

I like the A's choice here as Reynolds my kill your BA, he still hits for plenty of power in a period where power has dropped the last several years.

The Carl Winslows took Aroldis Chapman in this round, and while he may not have much value now, he has 4 years to see if he can reach the potential many expected of him two years ago.