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Fantasy Hockey 2011: Weekly Roundup Week 11

Just a warning to anyone, this will primarily talk about my impressions of the recent rash of concussions plaguing the NHL lately. If you don't wish to read and want to skip to the injury report, just click on the jump and scroll down. That being said, I am welcome to having a discussion about this since it's become quite an issue in recent years.


So in case you've been having your head in the sand lately, or for that matter the entire year, concussions have become a very troubling issue. In reference to Sidney Crosby during the preseason and early into the season, I had misgivings on drafting a player who has been trying to recover from one himself. Sure, he can get recover from it but one can never truly get away from it. In fact, all fantasy sports aside, concussions are the worse enemy to any franchise and more importantly, to a player's health. It's tricky, unpredictable and fragile. It has the potential to sideline someone for an extended and indeterminate period of time to practically ending their career as a professional player and changing the livelihood. As more and more studies are made in trying to understand concussions and how to treat them, it also shows how truly unprepared the sports world is on dealing with this kind of injury. I know they're doing their best to help these athletes out in their recovery but the seemingly fickle-ness (is that a word?) of a concussion makes it the most dangerous to treat. It's not like a broken leg, a strained groin or ingrown toenail. These things have timetables and ways to treat them. Concussions are when the brain is damaged, or more accurately, it's bruised. Speaking for the sports world in general, let's hope that someone out there gains enough of an undertstanding to help athletes suffering from concussions and prevent any long term damage to themselves.

Rant is done. The injury report is after the jump...

Injury Report

Chris Pronger, Flyers - So now it seems that Pronger's concussion is so bad that it's not only knocked out his season, by have ramifications on how he does his day-to-day functions. If you own him, dump him. And while you are doing that, wish him the best in his recovery.

Jordan Staal, Penguins - He's missed the past three games due to a lower-body injury. He is considered day-to-day at this time.

Martin Havlat, Sharks - He injured his leg last night after he fell over the bench boards and was seen using a walking stick. It doesn't sound great for him but keep your ear out for any news on his newest ailment.

Mikko Koivu, Wild - He sustained a leg injury on Thursday and the Wild are hopeful he can return before Christmas. Without knowing exactly what it is that is ailing him, it's hard to say who's right but still keep an ear out for more info.

Rick DiPietro, Islanders - He injured his groin and it seems the Islanders are making it retroactive to all the way back to December 3rd. Still, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he's dealing with another injury. What is surprising and very impressive is the Islanders patience in treating him and trying to play him.

Milan Michalek, Senators - He accidentally collided with teammate Erik Karlsson and has been dealing with a concussion since then. He seems to be getting better so there's good news in his injury.

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