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Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Chat: 1:15 EST Today

UPDATE: for those who participated in Wednesday's chat, I found the Logan Morrison = Ryan Braun comp:

Not surprising the #Marlins aren't shopping LoMo. Talked to a scout the other day who says LoMo may develop into a lefty-hitting Ryan Braun

The Marlins might have a brighter future than we all imagined!!

Hey there!! I have the day off because for some reason the schools in NJ are closed all week. I don't recall getting a week off from school when I was young.  So, it's a perfect time to have a fanttasy baseball chat.

You can ask any fantasy baseball question you want. We can discuss the early 2012 rankings we have posted this far:


First Baseman

Second Baseman

We can discuss prospects, trades, rumors, or whatever you want. Just bear with me as I have to make sure the little one is down for her nap.

The time posted below is incorrect.....the chat will start at 1:15 EST today.