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Fantasy Hockey 2011: ESPN 10-team Public League

In this report, I am going to tell you how I am doing in my ESPN 10-team Public H2H League (you can see it here). If you remember, I went into this draft with zero preparation and no mock drafts. While I liked my starting lineup, my bench was not that terribly great. Here's how I've been doing since then...

Stats and Standings:

The 10-team league is divided up by two, 5-team divisions. I ended up in the West division. I am currently in 6th place overall but in 4th place in the West division. I need to be somewhere in the top 4 in the overall standings to make it to the winners bracket. For my stats, my goaltending stats are doing fine and my powerplay points and shots on goal are doing fine but the rest of my offensive stats are dragging me way down. The reason is that most of my top offensive players are slumping terribly. Rick Nash, Zach Parise and Eric Staal are doing bad but Pavel Datsyuk seems to be turning a corner. Hopefully Nash Parise and Staal will turn that corner here soon.

Recent transactions and roster moves after the jump...

Added Luke Adam and dumped Ondrej Pavelec - Strictly a move to bolster my Forwards since Antti Niemi was injured and I needed Pavelec as a #3 while Niemi was healing. Once he got well, I simply picked up the best player...or so I thought.

Added Kris Versteeg and dumped Andrei Markov - Yeah, getting Markov didn't do me any good. In the preseason, I seriously thought he was close to returning but it sounds like he's still going to be out for some time. You can't always get 'em right.

Added Dennis Wideman and dumped Kyle Okposo - It's a good thing I made this move down the road because the injury bug is going to really bite hard on my defensemen.

Added Corey Potter and dumped Tomas Kaberle - Kaberle's +/- was hurting my team in a great many ways including his lack of offensive production. I seemed to like Potter so I figured I could take advantage while he was still hot.

Added Max Pacioretty and dumped Luke Adam - Well that didn't work so hot for Adam but Pacioretty has been wonders for my team's offensive output.

Since this is a daily transaction league, I switch players out all the time but I am sticking with my big guns, hoping they'll turn things around here soon so they can help support my team.

So what do you think? You have some advice for me? You think I made the right moves or not? Let me know in the comments or at Twitter at @MattPTurner in my personal account or at @FakeTeams!