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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 10 Waiver Wire Scoops and Rest of the Season Rankings

The title of this piece was intentionally lengthy to help represent the vast amount on information that you're about to receive! OK. Ya got me. That's a bunch of B.S., but I can assure you there is probably more useful stuff in today's article than you may find for the rest of the week.

We usually do the ROS action every month, but with the fantasy playoffs approaching quickly, we're going to give it a try again today. These are rankings that would basically serve as a cheat sheet if you were drafting today for the rest of the season. So they're not ROS ranking per se, because I'm taking into account guys that will serve as band-aids (or adhesive bandages, if you're anti Johnson & Johnson) such as Laurent Robinson. There are also a large number of handcuffs mixed in and might be higher than you expected. Some of these backs may be completely useless, while there's a chance that they're the next DeMarco Murray. It's worthy noting the reason why I'm so high on grabbing handcuffs is because the depth charts are already figured out and I feel a fantasy bench should be loaded with upside. The rankings including quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. You will also find quite a bit underneath the rankings as I explains why some of the new crop of waiver-wire adds have some value.

You can follow me on Twitter @MikeSGallagher for tons of updates throughout the week and plenty of instant analysis on Sunday. You can also ask me things like, "Mike, should I cut Greg Little for Laurent Robinson in my PPR league?"


Rk Offensive Player          Comment                                                                                                
1 Arian Foster 3 monsters in a row puts him at the top spot
2 Aaron Rodgers A 129.1 QB rating is completely ridiculous; he's the NFL version of MJ (without the lockout drama)
3 Adrian Peterson Nice to see Minnesota's O-line coming together a bit
4 LeSean McCoy Shady has some serious burst
5 Calvin Johnson Megatron will be a 1st-round pick for the next 5 years
6 Ray Rice Rice would have handed in an enormous game if not for a bogus holding call
7 Matt Forte Pay that man!
8 Maurice Jones-Drew 1 carry behind AD for total carries lead; Gabbert should improve to help his scoring numbers
9 Mike Wallace 60 Minutes' TD was intended for Antonio Brown on SNF
10 Fred Jackson No time for fakin' F-Jax, stop fakin' F-Jax, cause brothers that fake F-Jax get laid on they backs.. Hopefully some old-school hip-hop fan gets that reference
11 Drew Brees Brees on pace to go for the yardage record
12 Tom Brady Brady said he had a "crappy" feeling after Sunday's loss
13 Cam Newton Get used to this guy being a top-20 pick in fantasy for a while
14 Michael Turner Quiz getting a few more snaps, but elite backs getting thin these days
15 Hakeem Nicks Expect his hamstring to be good to go
16 Darren McFadden It was only a matter of time for McFadden to miss a game or two
17 Steve Smith Not a coincidence that the biggest QB and WR steals are on the same team
18 Vincent Jackson Sunday's explosion could be a sign of things to come
19 Frank Gore The Niners were terrible in '10, had arguably the most quiet offseason, so they're 7-1..
20 Steven Jackson He looks pretty healthy, STL depleted at WR and they have a fairly soft schedule
21 Andre Johnson Don't expect him back until Week 12, but should be a beast down the stretch
22 Rashard Mendenhall Mendy doesn't get a true featured load anymore, but at least he's there at the goal line
23 Shonn Greene Greene has been a much better north-south runner and is hitting the holes hard
24 Wes Welker Hernandez putting a slight dent in the insane Welker production
25 Greg Jennings There are just too many guys in Green Bay; Rodgers hits 7 receivers every game
26 Ryan Mathews It's always scary when young players miss games
27 Dez Bryant He has to go off with Miles out of the picture
28 Stevie Johnson 84 yards on Revis Island is than any vacation Chevy Chase ever had
29 LaGarrette Blount The Bucs abandoned the run in the second half on Sunday
30 Matthew Stafford A lot of indoor games is a nice luxury for your fantasy quarterback (@ Oakland and  Chicago only outdoor games until Week 17.. Not bad)
31 Larry Fitzgerald Patrick Peterson stole the show on Sunday. Amazing
32 A.J. Green Green and Dalton are going to be a great connection for a while
33 Roddy White Don't go crazy over the Julio line; Roddy had 9 targets to Julio's 4
34 Chris Johnson CJ2.8 at 3.0 now, so he's CJ1K for now
35 Jimmy Graham He's the top target on a passing team at a record-setting pace
36 Cedric Benson A rookie QB's best friend is a good running game: Benson 7th in carries
37 Beanie Wells Weenie Bells living up to the moniker lately; should be playing though
38 DeMarco Murray Felix who?
39 Tony Romo Romo is 5th in ESPN's lame Total QBR.. He's not a top-5 QB
40 Darren Sproles At this point owners shouldn't really be concerned with Ingram
41 Jeremy Maclin For what it's worth: I've had him ranked ahead of D-Jax the whole season
42 Willis McGahee He made the Raiders look like the Raiders on Sunday
43 Dwayne Bowe KC's defensive woes help the value of Bowe
44 Brandon Marshall I don't want to overreact to the 11-target, 8-catch gem, but he and Moore had a good thing working
45 Ben Roethlisberger Remember when Pittsburgh was a running team?
46 Julio Jones He's pretty close to what Mike Wallace was two years ago
47 Jackie Battle He's clearly the #1 back in Kansas City
48 Roy Helu Yup. I'm buying
49 Michael Vick I'm pretty sure every passionate Vick owner felt like buying one of these
50 Phillip Rivers Maybe that shotputting motion has finally caught up to him? Ball has no zip
51 Marshawn Lynch He record his first 100-yard game as a Seahawk on Sunday
52 Miles Austin I'll guess he misses 3 weeks
54 James Starks Starks owners should hope the cold weather promotes the running game
55 Jason Witten Should get a few more targets sans Miles
56 Mike Tolbert It's all based on the health of Mathews
57 Jermichael Finley Pretty sure I could take him in a fight
58 DeSean Jackson 8 catches in his last 3 games
59 Brandon Lloyd We'll see how well he can handle the double teams
60 Mario Manningham He's clearly more talented than Cruz and has shown the ability to get open
61 Antonio Gates Looked a bit more spry out there on running routes
62 Santonio Holmes On pace for about the same amount of targets last year despite 4 less games
63 Eli Manning Tough schedule and the winds at the Meadowlands can be treacherous
64 Matt Ryan Usually more talent around him means less mistakes. Not the case
65 Percy Harvin Signs of life with Ponder at the helm
66 Jonathan Stewart John Fox leaving and Cam Newton's arrival has been a perfect storm of crap for the Daily Show
67 Anquan Boldin If Boldin and Flacco can build off Sunday, Boldin could be in the top 50 soon enough; 11th in targets
68 Brandon Jacobs Tough to project with Bradshaw's future being so cloudy
69 Marques Colston He doesn't play enough snaps to be a strong WR2
70 DeAngelo Williams

He'll probably need Daily Show's Achilles to act up to have value

71 Michael Bush His owners might get two more starts out of him
72 Vernon Davis LaRon Landry did a number on him on Sunday, but still 4 rec for 41
73 BenJarvus Green-Ellis That 5-carry, 9-yard game in Week 8 should be enough to try to trade him
74 Mike Williams Targets are there, numbers are not (37 recs and 1 TD)
75 Ahmad Bradshaw It's a small fracture and my guess is that he plays in 2 weeks vs. Philly. Key word: Guess
76 Antonio Brown He is having a Welker-like impact in that offense
77 Jacoby Ford My clone would have him at 95, but I have a man crush on Ford
78 Aaron Hernandez He's the deep threat in the Patriot O
79 Reggie Bush Bush is worth more than 1 pizza now
80 Greg Little Give it time, give it time. He's getting targets, Massaquoi is hurt and CLE can't run
81 Ben Tate Proven to have value even in a backup role. Imagine if Arian's hammy acts up
82 Jahvid Best The Kevin Smith signing is not good news for Best
83 Jay Cutler His poise in the pocket has been a revelation this year
84 Daniel Thomas He was lining up at fullback on a couple plays
85 Delone Carter The best back on the worst team
86 Matt Schaub Would you pass much with a running game like that?
87 Chris Ogbonnaya He's not very talented
88 Kendall Hunter Gore's a fragile dude
89 Maurice Morris He's still the main for the foreseeable future
90 Pierre Garcon Hard to believe he's 6th in targets
91 Reggie Wayne Hard to believe he's 5th in targets
92 Michael Crabtree Starting to understand zone coverages better
93 Owen Daniels Big disappoint with Andre out of the lineup
94 Jordy Nelson One of the best deep threats in the league
95 Ryan Fitzpatrick Buffalo's D is really catching up to them; Fitz will have to pass
96 C.J. Spiller So much for using him in the slot; still an elite handcuff
97 Rob Gronkowski Gronk'd is quite the red-zone target
98 Sidney Rice He and T-Jax weren't quite on the same page; should improve
99 Josh Freeman So much for that third-year leap
100 Felix Jones Ummm.. Sure?
101 Laurent Robinson He has some nice upside at the X or Y while Austin is out
102 Denarius Moore 12 targets is pretty nice
103 Malcom Floyd More about having a team name of "Malcom Tents" than numbers.. Kidding
104 Mark Ingram It's rarely a good idea to have a rookie as one of your starters on draft day
105 David Nelson He's a zone buster, busta
106 Peyton Hillis The better put a dead person on the cover of Madden next year. Not a picture of a zombie, a picture of a dead guy in his prime
107 Ryan Grant It's looking like handcuff central, but could McCarthy could be keeping him fresh
108 Javon Ringer He'll need a CJ2Cramp or something to have some value as a fantasy starter
109 Knowshon Moreno How funny was this at Georgia on Saturday?
110 Eric Decker He could be higher, but there will be a lot of ups and downs
111 Victor Cruz He has done a great job in the slot this year
112 LaDainian Tomlinson The Jets are getting back to the ground and pound
113 Pierre Thomas He and Ivory have a dirty situation on their hands
114 Lance Moore Running a lot of deep routes, just not consistent
115 Mark Sanchez Drayton Florence can actually cover someone
116 Carson Palmer All 3 of his picks weren't entirely his fault (click here for details)
117 Sam Bradford Just like that the Rams are running out of receivers again
118 Earl Bennett 5 targets, 5 catches, 95 yards, 1 score and a lot of waiver claims
119 Deion Branch Not much fun owning this guy
120 Montario Hardesty He might have some value if he's able to beat Hillis to the field
121 Brandon Pettigrew He'd be a lot higher if not for some Transformer
122 Santana Moss Washington needs him back in the worst way
123 Jake Ballard I loved when all the people on TV thought they were so creative with the Ballard-Tyree 85 connection
124 Plaxico Burress He claims he is no not healthy, didn't show it with 5 catches and 78 yards
125 Brent Celek 9 targets on MNF
126 DeMaryius Thomas He's the best red-zone target on paper
127 Fred Davis He's 3rd in yards among TE; could be in store for a nice boost
128 Early Doucet He's getting quite a few targets (35 on the season after a no-show start)
129 Ryan Torain Shanahan'd is worse than Punk'd
130 Isaac Redman Not sure what that J. Dwyer stuff was about
131 Dustin Keller What a bone-headed play by trying to hurdle over 2 grown standing men
132 Torrey Smith He's a poor man's Julio Jones
133 Joe Flacco Can't figure out if this guy is good or not
134 Christian Ponder He has some decent mobility
135 Jared Cook 8 targets and 4 catches on Sunday
136 Jonathan Baldwin What an ugly game against some of the worst cover corners in the league
137 Stevan Ridley There's still a chance he can take over for BJGE (5 carries on Sunday)
138 Damian Williams Williams figures to slide into the WR1 spot in Tennessee
139 Kellen Winslow He's 3rd among TE in targets
140 Darrius Heyward-Bey He was riding some serious pine based on "personnel"
141 Alfonso Smith Beanie Wells is one bad step away from missing time
142 Deji Karim MJD shows no signs of slowing down, still a nice handcuff
143 Nate Washington Hip pointers can be very tricky injuries
144 Jerome Simpson He and Caldwell are in the mix fairly evenly
145 Tony Gonzalez Scored again on Sunday
146 Hines Ward I don't see him being much of a factor with Brown
147 Jacquizz Rodgers It looks like he probably passed Snelling on the depth chart
148 Brandon LaFell Call it a hunch, but I think LaFell picks it up after the bye (hey it worked for Ford)
149 Joe McKnight He's one heck of a returner, Schotty needs to pry him from Westhoff
150 Andy Dalton The Bengals. That is all
151 Ricky Williams Showed he's a great handcuff when Rice went to the bench
152 Austin Pettis Those new guys are fun, right?
153 Marion Barber Forte is very durable
154 Danario Alexander Hamstrings have been killers this year
155 Jame Jones That ball to him on Sunday was a thing of beauty
156 Lavelle Hawkins I want to call him LaTroy Hawkins so badly
157 Leonard Hankerson He got the start and maybe the Skins can get the ball outside of the numbers
158 Jabar Gaffney Hey, he got a TD!
159 Joseph Addai Shelf life of a running back is probably shorter than ketchup
160 Mike Thomas He doesn't play on every down right now
161 Vincent Brown Got 8 targets in the shootout and could have value without Floyd in the mix
162 Bernard Scott Proved he wouldn't be much of a handcuff
163 Matt Moore QB ratings in the 140-to-158.3 range should excite you too
164 Leon Washington Luck Leon is 2nd on the depth chart
165 Toby Gerhart Handcuff mode
166 Thomas Clayton Lottery ticket
167 Nate Burleson He's not sexy, but he's in a good offense
168 Jason Hill The deep threat on the worst offense
169 Emmanuel Sanders There's not a lot
170 Donald Brown There's not a whole lot to like about Indy's backfield
171 Jacoby Jones He could get one more week against the
172 Roy Williams Roy has a catch radius of about 1 sq foot
173 Brandon Gibson He might be the safer option between him and Pettis
174 Jeremy Kerley He's turning into a nice little weapon on 3rd down
175 Kregg Lumpkin Not sure what TB would do without Blount, but doubt Lumps gets featured
176 Heath Miller Ben and Heath starting to develop that rapport again
177 Tarvaris Jackson Usually mobile quarterbacks have a nice floor. Not T-Jax
178 Arrelious Benn He looked promising for a bit, but needs to get a more multifaceted game
179 Steve Breaston He was born for the slot
180 Braylon Edwards Too bad he doesn't get points for making blocks in the open field; one of the best
181 T.J. Houshmanzadeh The Raiders lined him up at the X, Y and Z on Sunday. Broncos had Champ on him at one point too
182 Alex Smith He's 6th in QB rating right now with a 97.3 rating.
183 Taiwan Jones Might be used more against the Chargers
184 Kevin Smith Silent Bob
185 Tashard Choice Could he be the next wrench to screw up Washington's backfield?
186 Robert Meachem He needs Colston to get hurt again
187 Andre Caldwell At least 4 catches in last 3 games
188 Donald Jones Fitz took a couple shots at Jones on some 9 routes
189 Dexter McCluster If KC plays D like they D on Sunday, they might use him more in the passing game
190 Dallas Clark Obviously move him out once word becomes official that he's out for the year
191 Cadillac Williams It's tough to handcuff a guy that's more likely to get hurt than the starter
192 Jacob Tamme Tamme Time
193 Matt Cassel Well that didn't last long
194 Julius Thomas He got 2 targets on Sunday
195 Keiland Williams Smith being brought in means he's not getting it done
196 Justin Forsett Not too shabby in the passing game
197 Ronnie Brown Had a Brown sighting on Monday, but still think he and Dion would split sans Shady
198 Doug Baldwin You know what sucks about being a Baldwin?
199 Devin Aromashodu That Michael Jenkins speculation was fun for a week
200 Jermaine Gresham He should be healthy after missing Week 9


Waiver Wire Scoops

Carson Palmer-
The Raiders are quickly coming back to Earth after their ugly loss to the Broncos on their home turf. Oakland allowed two 100-yard rushers in Tim Tebow and Tim Tebow Willis McGahee. This is nothing new for the Raiders since they were 29th agains the run in 2010 and now after Sunday's dud, they're back in the 29th spot on this season. I mention this deficiency because it's going to be tough for the Raiders to stay in games and maintain a run-first mentality when they're trailing in the second half. Therefore, Carson Palmer might have a lot on his plate and could be leaned on more than originally thought. As far as performance goes, yesterday is really the best true barometer for what kind of value Carson might have in that offense. The most impressive stat is that he had a very high YPA of 9.5. The three picks were the big boo-boo on his stat line which kept his QB rating at a pedestrian 79.7. This was his second game in a row with three intereceptions, but one would think he would cut those down in the near future. Just for fun, if Carson didn't throw those picks his QB rating would have been a Rodgers-like 115.4. In summation, Carson should have some very nice upside thanks largely due to the deep threats and favorable schedule.

Bottom Line: Carson should be owned in most 10-team leagues as a solid backup with upside.

Christian Ponder- Ponder is back from his bye and in case you forgot, he had some success in his first two starts against the Packers and Panthers. Ponder was proficient predominately by passing for an average 17.5 fantasy points in ESPN standard leagues.The FSU product gets Green Bay next, then he gets a ton of games indoors with a some favorable matchups. The athleticism could help his value in the rushing department as well.

Bottom Line: Rookies are fun, but remember that Ponder has 28 in his backfield. He's a decent backup to have in 14-team leagues.

Matt Moore- You might be surprised to know that Matt Moore had the highest quarterback rating of any player yesterday with his stellar 147.5. Yes, that's even higher than Rodgers' unbelievable 145.8. Moore was in a groove the entire game and was executing his passes down the field for the "shot plays" as well as completing the ball on the shorter routes for 12 first downs (compared to three rushing first downs for the team). The Fresno State product is equipped with one of the best red-zone targets in the league in 6-foot-5 Brandon Marshall. Moore and Marshall hooked up eight times (on 11 targets) for 106 yards. The Dolphins have some tough games coming up, but they do get to take on the suddenly soft Buffalo Bills at home in Week 11.

Bottom Line: Matt Schaub and Drew Brees owners might consider grabbing Moore for Week 11. He should be owned in some 14-team leagues.

Running Backs

Roy Helu-
I've been saying Helucopter is a must-own back ever since Tim Hightower, so I really hope you took my advice and he's on your roster. His 14-catch game was a franchise record by breaking the record of Art Monk, former Tecmo Bowl stud.

Bottom Line: What the Helu you doin'? He's going to likely be the best player to have value that isn't 100-percent owned and owners should use all of their FA dollars or top priority to get him.

Chris Ogbonnaya- Pat Shurmur announced that both Montario Hardesty and Peyton Hillis have been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Rams. The Rams have the 32nd-ranked run D at a robust 153.6 YPG. Chances are if you're an Ogbonnaya owner, he's not exactly in your good graces following Sunday's stinker. OGB had just 28 yard on 13 carries with one catch (on one target) for 13 yards. The former Longhorn also lost a fumble on his first carry. The Browns really don't have much else to go with at tailback and Ogbonnaya will be a decent flex in my Running Back Rankings on Wednesday. Although he had some happy feet and lacked vision in the loss as well.

Bottom Line:
Ogbonnaya should be owned in all leagues.

Kendall Hunter- Frank Gore had an X-ray on his gimpy ankle and it came back negative. However, this does serve as a reminder that Gore is one of the most fragile backs in the league and he could go down at any moment. Hunter already gets a nice portion of snaps, but he's usually in on passing downs and isn't utilized as much as an offensive weapon at this point.

Bottom Line: Hunter is one of several handcuffs that should be owned for his upside. He would have tremendous value should the oft-injured Gore go down again.

Joe McKnight- The Jets went to McKnight in the red zone a couple times on Sunday even before the game in Buffalo got out of hand. McKnight dominating with his performance in special teams (leading the league in yards per return) and the Brian Schottenheimer has worked him into the offensive scheme. McKnight hasn't done much to this point with only a 2.8 YPC and he didn't do much better even against Buffalo's soft front with 27 yards on nine carries. McKnight will share time with Greene and Tomlinson, so if either one goes down, he could have some value.

Bottom Line: Greene owners in deep leagues might want to grab McKnight.

Thomas Clayton- Clayton was mentioned by me a couple times on Twitter over the weekend and in my Running Back Rankings as a desperation play in very deep leagues and it's setting up nicely for him on Sunday against St. Louis. As discussed above, Chris Ogbonnaya didn't do much in his starting role and he made it abundantly clear that the Texans cut him for a reason. Clayton was no Jim Brown either with just five carries for 10 yards in the loss. I wouldn't be completely shocked if Clayton gets more carries than OGB. OGB got much better blocking and Clayton had really no chance on any of his five totes.

Bottom Line: It'll take some guts and a deep league to consider putting Clayton on your team, but the matchup and opportunity are there for him. 14-team league owners could do worse.

Wide Receiver

Jacoby Ford-
Let me just get this out there: I have been very fond of Jacoby Ford since the end of last year and he was one of the guys I had to have. On Sunday he showed those glimpses with his five catches for 105 and a score. Ford was targeted six times and it looked like five of those six targets were Carson Palmer's first read. Furthermore, Ford had Champ Bailey on him for the majority of the game, so he should be able to get open and grab Carson's attention more often than the six targets might indicate. Hue Jackson also said earlier in the year that he could envision Ford catching 80 balls as the top receiving option on the team, so he clearly has the coach in his corner as well. Ford's big play ability make him a very intriguing player to acquire for any owner unsure about any WR on his/her roster.

Bottom Line: Ford's upside make him a player that should be owned in all leagues.

Laurent Robinson-There's not a lot of analysis needed here. Miles Austin is going to miss the next 2-to-4 weeks with a strained hamstring. Robinson and Dez Bryant will be the starting flanker and split end in two-wide sets whiles Miles heals. Robinson has five catches and a score in back-to-back games, so he has clearly seperated himself as the full-time replacement of Austin. The Illinois State alum should have some nice matchups with Drayton Florence (Buffalo), Josh Wilson (Washington) and Sean Smith (Miami) over the next three weeks.

Bottom Line: Most fantasy owners should have an affinity to a WR2 on a passing offense and Robinson fits the bill. Dez Bryant's inconsistencies also make Robinson worth owning in all 12-team leagues.

Denarius Moore- While Jacoby Ford gets the nod here for being the top grab, the former Volunteer should also garner your attention with his 12 targets against the Broncos. In Week 7, Moore only had five targets compared to Heyward-Bey's 11. Coach Hue Jackson denied that DHB was "benched" because of personnel reasons, but with a new quarterback and Al David no longer around to  encourage the team to give the former seventh pick in the draft a long look, it could be a changing of the guard once again.

Bottom Line: Moore should be owned in 12-team leagues.

Earl Bennett- Roy Williams and Devin Hester couldn't catch a cold and on Monday Night Football Bennett pretty much proved he has the best hands of any receiver on the team. He and Cutler were teammates at Vanderbilt and were on the same page all night. In fact, Cutler gave him a shoutout on his Twitter account. There's a whole like to like here and you can make a case for Bennett to be the top claim this week.

Bottom Line: Nobody has been able to seize the WR1 spot on Chicago and maybe its Bennett's turn. He's a flyer in most 12-team leagues.

Austin Pettis- Just when it looked like Greg Salas was putting together a solid rookie season, he breaks his fibula. On top of that, the Rams might be without their usual starting flanker, Danario Alexander, for a game or two with a hamstring issue after a setback last week. Both Pettis and Brandon Gibson saw more snaps, but Pettis gets the nod here for being a bit of an unknown and possibly being a deep threat to complement Brandon Lloyd. They get the Browns and I'd expect Cleveland to keep Joe Haden on Lloyd for the whole game, which could create some advantageous spots for Pettis

Bottom Line: The Rams are running out of receivers and Pettis is the next in line; feel free to give him a shot in 12-team PPR leagues.

Leonard Hankerson- Hankerson drew the start in what turned out to be one of the most pathetic passing performances we've seen all year. The Redskins did not throw the ball more than 16 yard through the air the entire game.

Bottom Line: He might be something, he might be nothing. So goes the life of rostering rookies.

Vincent Brown-Brownie looked pretty good on Sunday with six targets, four catches and 79 yards. He could be on the upswing with Malcom Floyd not healthy and showing some good speed and route-running ability.

Bottom Line: He gets the Thursday Night Football game against the Raiders, so at least we'll know the status of Malcom Floyd right away. He's worth a flyer in 16-team leagues.

Tight End

Jake Ballard
-He's another guy that I have written about multiple times and should have been started by savvy owners vs. the Patriots.

Bottom Line: He's a low-end TE1 in 10-team leagues with some upside.

Jared Cook- The targets are coming for Cook as he got eight on Sunday. Nate Washington going down also helps his value.

Bottom Line: Cook was a must-grab player for me and it's shaping up quite well for him now that Tennessee is running out of receivers. He's a decent guy to grab by all owners in need of a tight end.

Jacob Tamme- It's Tamme Time! Dallas Clark might miss the rest of the season with a leg injury. Tamme takes over at tight end, but this time he doesn't have Eli's brother throwing him the ball.

Bottom Line: Cook and Ballard have higher upside and Tamme should be left for the desperate folks.


St. Louis- You might be surprised to know that one of the best fantasy defenses has been the St. Louis Rams. Coach Spags has turned them around a bit with a big win over the Saints and having a good showing before Patrick Peterson had one of the highlights of the year. They get to take on the hapless Browns and Colt McCoy is going to get a ton of pressure put on him. If you're desperate, give it a shot. There are about 12 other defenses I'd play over the Rams, by the way.

Don forget you can always ask me whatever you want on Twitter and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also post your comments and questions below.