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Fake Teams Begins Fantasy MMA Coverage

I thought about adding a fantasy MMA writer about a year ago, but decided to make sure we had the top 4 sports covered first. But now that we have added writers for fantasy football, fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey, I felt that now was the time to add a fantasy MMA writer. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and includes boxing, wresting, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, karate, judo and other martial arts styles.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the biggest MMA promotional company and hosts most of the top ranked fighters in the world. MMA is so popular here at SB Nation that the company created an MMA Nation site, similar to the Baseball Nation site that is home to all of SBN's baseball team and general baseball sites, including Fake Teams. 

MMA Nation is home to Bloody ElbowMMA Mania and Head Kick Legend, three of SB Nation's combat sites. A few days ago, I posted a fanpost over at Bloody Elbow and MMA Mania looking for a fantasy MMA writer and received interest from several people, including Tim Burke who writes for Bloody Elbow. And when I say write, he writes. A lot. He told me he writes 4-5 articles per day over at Bloody Elbow, but more importantly, he has been participating in fantasy MMA for several years now and runs a few leagues.

Fantasy MMA certainly isn't a mainstream fantasy sport, but if you checked out the traffic over at Bloody Elbow, you would think fantasy MMA is huge. The traffic they get in one hour is what Fake Teams gets in one DAY. 

Tim will begin writing for Fake Teams this weekend and will start by introducing himself to you, introducing what fantasy MMA is all about, how fantasy MMA scoring is tracked, and tell you where you can participate in fantasy MMA leagues. He will also provide fantasy advice for each UFC card, starting with UFC 139 which is in two weeks.

He also participates in fantasy hockey leagues, so he might be getting in touch with you Matt.

I am excited about adding fantasy MMA coverage to Fake Teams and welcome any suggestions for covering any other fantasy sports. Please join me in welcoming Tim Burke to Fake Teams, and check out his articles over at Bloody Elbow.