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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Which Team Has the Top Fantasy Duo in 2012?

This one will be very short as I am fighting a head cold.

In my Wednesday morning post about Frank McCourt agreeing to sell the Dodgers, reader T.C.Engel proposed that if the Dodgers were to sign Prince Fielder this offseason, and Matt Kemp is doing his best to coax him, the Dodgers would have one of the top 3-4-5 hitters in baseball, behind only the Rangers and Yankees. He opined that a 3-4-5 of Matt Kemp, Prince Fielder and Andre Ethier would be very dangerous and be in the top 3 in all of baseball.

I am not an Andre Ethier fan, so I will leave him out of this post.

Let's assume the Dodgers get approval to spend a boatload of money this offseason, would a Kemp-Fielder combo in the middle of the Dodgers lineup rank in the top 3 in baseball? I can think of other top duos, and reader dudedudedude mentioned some good one in the same thread on Wednesday.

Here are a few he mentioned, along with a few others:

Dustin Pedroia/Adrian Gonzalez

Brett Lawrie/Jose Bautista

Robinson Cano/Curtis Granderson

Troy Tulowitzki/Carlos Gonzalez

Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday

Joey Votto/Jay Bruce

Josh Hamilton/Adrian Beltre

Mike Stanton/Hanley Ramirez

Who is the best fantasy duo?