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Fantasy Football Week 13 Quarterback Rankings

Michael Vick is out for another game and will not play on Thursday night against Seattle. That means that Vince Young will get his third straight start. I realize that there is really no reason to rush Vick back with the way that Philadelphia's season has gone but could it be that they are auditioning Young for the role as starter. He has a record of 1-1 in the two games he started and threw for 400 yards against New England. It seems like everyone throws for a lot of yards against them though. His TD:INT ratio is disappointing, 3 TD: 5 INT. It will be interesting to see how this develops if he wins this week. Young is a low QB1, high QB2 option this week.

Indianapolis has made a change at their starting quarterback. They have replaced Curtis Painter with journeyman Dan Orlovsky. Painter has not been getting the job done at all and Indianapolis probably wants to look like they're trying to win a game. Orlovsky gets to face New England and their no name secondary. He will have the opportunity to put up some good numbers but unless your fantasy team is in the same boat as Indy, he's not worth a pick up.

The Houston quarterback situation has gone from good to bad to ugly. In his first start, Matt Leinart suffers a season ending fractured collarbone. Enter the rookie out of North Carolna, TJ Yates, he finished the game 8 of 15 for 70 yards. Yates is a well-built quarterback with good quickness and athletic ability. His weaknesses is his inconsistency, sometimes he lacks accuracy and seems to have a delay between seeing the open receiver and starting to throw the ball. Right now, Houston has given him the keys to the offense, which will probably be very run oriented. On Tuesday, Houston signed Jake Delhomme for insurance. They won't turn to Delhomme unless Yates completely stinks. It will be interesting to watch as Yates takes on Atlanta, which is a team on a whole different level from Jacksonville.

All 32 starting quarterbacks ranked following the jump.

Quarterbacks to start: Tim Tebow (Denver) - Do you remember the 46-yard touchdown run in overtime by Michael Vick against Minnesota in 2002? Minnesota linebacker Henri Crockett said: "He's (Vick) changed the game. There are going to be no more pocket passers anymore." That has not come true but it did open the door for quarterbacks like Tebow. He faces Minnesota this week. I'm thinking he throws for 170 yards and 1 touchdown, plus he runs for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay) - Freeman has obviously been having an up and down season. For the most part it has been down but I think facing Carolina at home will bring a positive performance. I see Freeman passing for at least 240 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee) - Tennessee is still fighting for a playoff spot and with Houston's trouble at quarterback, I'm sure their hopes are high. Hasselbeck struggled last week but with another week of rest for his injured elbow, he should be back at a higher level. Buffalo has really started to struggle on defense and Tennessee will take advantage. I think Hasselbeck will pass for 270 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Quarterbacks to avoid: Tyler Palko (Kansas City) - Coach Todd Haley says that Palko will remain the starter but Kyle Orton is definitely looking over Palko'sshoulder. If he does get the start, he'll be facing a very tough defense in Chicago. I think if he starts and stays in for the whole game that he throws for only 60 yards and turns the ball over three times.

Colt McCoy (Cleveland) - McCoy will also be facing a tough defense, in the form of Baltimore. Baltimore has only given up 7 passing touchdowns all season. McCoy has only gone over 250 yards once this year and the second time will not be happening Sunday. McCoy will probably pass for 140 yards and turn the ball over twice.

Player Team Opp.
1. Aaron Rodgers GB NYG
2. Tom Brady NE IND
3. Drew Brees NO DET
4. Matthew Stafford DET NO
5. Cam Newton CAR TB
6. Tony Romo DAL ARZ
7. Eli Manning NYG GB
8. Tim Tebow DEN MIN
9. Ben Roethlisberger PIT CIN
10. Josh Freeman TB CAR
11. Matt Hasselbeck TEN BUF
12. Philip Rivers SD JAX
13. Vince Young PHI SEA
14. Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF TEN
15. Matt Moore MIA OAK
16. Carson Palmer OAK MIA
17. Joe Flacco BAL CLE
18. Matt Ryan ATL HOU
19. Mark Sanchez NYJ WAS
20. Christian Ponder MIN DEN
21. Alex Smith SF STL
22. Dan Orlovsky IND NE
23. Andy Dalton CIN PIT
24. Rex Grossman WAS NYJ
25. Sam Bradford STL SF
26. Caleb Hanie CHI KC
27. Tarvaris Jackson SEA PHI
28. Kyle Orton KC CHI
29. Kevin Kolb ARZ DAL
30. Colt McCoy CLE BAL
31. Blaine Gabbert JAX SD
32. John Skelton ARZ DAL
33. T.J. Yates HOU ATL
34. Tyler Palko KC CHI
35. Seneca Wallace CLE BAL