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Fake Teams Dynasty League Minor League Draft - Round 2

We've been continuing on with our minor league portion of the draft over at the Fake Teams Dynasty League, and you can find those results below. Here's a reminder of the rules for the draft:

  • Players who have not made their Major League debut are the only eligible players for this draft. So players like Mike Trout, Jesus Montero, and Matt Moore are all ineligible to be drafted in this portion of the league.
  • The order was set via a random order generator, and as such is not related to the order for the Major League portion. Which of course makes it a bit tough for the Blue Jays as they had the last pick in both.
I will be profiling each of these prospects as a part of their team's Minor League Keeper Thoughts, as each of them are realistically top-25 prospects overall for the start of the season.

Round 2


1. Toronto Blue Jays - Jake Marisnick - OF - Toronto Blue Jays
2. Colorado Rockies - Martin Perez - SP - Texas Rangers
3. Carl Winslows - Carlos Martinez - SP - St. Louis Cardinals
4. Bronx Bombers - Josh Bell - OF - Pittsburgh Pirates
5. Atlanta Braves - Xander Bogaerts - SS - Boston Red Sox
6. Miami Marlins - Bubba Starling - OF - Kansas City Royals
7. Anaheim Angels - Matt Harvey - SP - New York Mets
8. Oakland Athletics - Manny Banuelos - SP - New York Yankees
9. New York Mets - Michael Choice - OF - Oakland Athletics
10. Los Angeles Dodgers - Taijuan Walker - SP - Seattle Mariners
11. Tampa Bay Rays - Brett Jackson - OF - Chicago Cubs
12. Brooklyn Nets - Will Middlebrooks - 3B - Boston Red Sox
13. Boston Red Sox - Nick Franklin - SS - Seattle Mariners
14. Fake Teams - Gary Brown - OF -San Francisco Giants
15. Arizona Diamondbacks - Hak-Ju Lee - SS - Tampa Bay Rays
16. Texas Rangers - Francisco Lindor - SS - Cleveland Indians

My Thoughts about these picks after the jump...


  • Bogaerts was a very popular player, as the complaining (myself included) that he didn't last longer, leads me to think he could end up as a top 40 prospect overall in a lot of rankings this offseason.
  • I ended up taking Manny Banuelos, as I wasn't really feeling particularly excited about any one of the prospects more than another at that point. Banuelos is likely to be in the Majors at some point in 2012.
  • We saw a few teams go with players that are still very far away, like Walker and Martinez. Both are likely to be at least 3 years away unless something unusual occurs.
  • I really liked Ray's pick of Gary Brown, and I'll be interested to see what Brown can do next year in AA. He did play in the California League last year, but 14 HR and 53 SB still look pretty good regardless of league.
  • Middlebrooks, Jackson, and Perez are all likely to have an impact in the Majors in 2012, with Jackson having a shot to win a job out of Spring Training.