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Prospect Chat with Mike Newman of Fangraphs and Scouting the Sally

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Mike Newman recently had a prospect chat over at Fangraphs, and here's some of the interesting excerpts:

Comment From Chris 
Is Jake Marisnick a Top 25 prospect going into next year? Do you like him more than Gose/Tavares?
Mike Newman: 
I LOVE Anthony Gose so it would take quite a bit for me to say I think another outfield prospect is better. However, I'm really hoping to hit Florida next spring. Tavares and Marisnick may be in the FSL and I really need to spend a week down there each summer.


I've heard a lot of good things about Gose at this point, but the strikeout numbers are slightly concerning. However, a 20 year old who hit 16 home runs AND stole 70 bases at AA definitely looks like a very good player, especially for fantasy purposes. Add this in as well, and you're looking at a potentially amazing player:

Comment From Steve 
Do you think Anthony Gose will be able to make adjustments and eventually hit MLB pitching? Could you give your best projected stat line a couple years down the road?
Mike Newman: 
The question is how much does he have to hit major league pitching? If his downside is Bourjos-ish, then he's a 4-win player. Personally, I think Gose is more explosive then that.


Read Mike's thoughts on Brett Jackson, Nolan Arenado, and other prospects after the jump.

Comment From Grand Admiral Braun 
Brett Jackson's peak: .280/.360/.460. Possible? 3-4 WAR player?
Mike Newman: 
Very hard for me to buy that triple slash line with his strikeout totals. If you said .260/.330/.420, I'd be able to better see it. He could probably still be a 3 win guy with those numbers AND very good defense. That was about what Bourjos did right?


Jackson's been ranked as the top prospect in the Cubs system by a lot of the lists, and the numbers look solid. However, he may derive a lot more of his value from being a real baseball player than from being a fantasy baseball player. He is still expected to be a threat for a 20-20 season at some point during his career.

Comment From Tony in SLC 
How do you see the Rockies promoting Arenado? It could be said every good prospect has a shot at making the team . . . how do you see his chances?
Mike Newman: 
LOVE Arenado and I probably don't say that enough. Not sure he's ready yet, but whoever opens 2011 as the Rockies 3B is simply keeping the seat warm for Arenado. Keep in mind he's only 20 and age 22 guys who reach the bigs for good normally have excellent careers. There's no need to rush at this point.
I think we've all kind of talked at one point or another about Arenado, and the reports just continue to come in about how well he has performed to this point. If he is available in your keeper league, you should definitely look at him.
Comment From Boof 
Are you a Zack Cozart fan? What kind of hitter do you think he can be?
Mike Newman: 
I am one of the biggest Zack Cozart fans. Not sure the average is there in the end, but I can see 15 HR, 20 SB, along with above average defense.
I really like Cozart for next year, and for the future as well. I could honestly see him being a top 10 shortstop as soon as this year potentially.